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Yes, it's this again! December 1, 2020

One of the hardest things about losing weight is...

We find ourselves once again in a place where we have to do it again.

Yes, it's this again!

That's why learning to make your own meal plan is key. Even the best expert can't predict your moods and what you feel like eating, nor all the various micro nutrients missing from your body. Your doctor can measure, so if you want that go!

There are common things missing from many meal plans, so that's where I fill in with supplements.

But the meal plan, that's the basic start. The trick is typically 1 gram of protein per goal body weight, and a cap on calories under your TDEE, yet right at TDEE some days.

Capping the calories and keeping the protein enough to cover protein turnover in your body will help the carbs and fats fall into place. The carbs and fats can be different from one day to the next, because your body has a buffer for them in glycogen and fat cells.

It's different for each person. There is no magic formula. Your metabolism ebbs and flows each day according to sleep, water, hormones, micro nutrient intake, exercise, and many other things.

Those are the things I love helping people with in the TransPhormation App as an advisor there. You are welcome to request me as an advisor in the App, just ask!

Even after we reach our goal, we will have to do it again. It's part of life. It's part of ongoing maintenance.

It doesn't seem fair does it? We already did this! Why do we have to do it again?!

Well, it's the same as maintaining your house. Why should we have to clean it again? We did it already!

But it's life.

So is maintaining your body fat at a healthy level.

So is keeping your lean body mass is up to a healthy level.

So is keeping your meal plan and your micro nutrient inake approproate for your best success.

It's December 1st, the last month of this insane year of 2020. Just like every other month in every other year, what we do right now matters.

Who will make it count?

I will. I've done it every year and I'll keep doing it!


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