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Workout outside or inside?

Which should I do?

It suddenly got cold here in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California.

Should I go for a bike ride? Or go to the gym and lift some weights and ride the spin bike?

The answer is that it doesn't matter.

Just do something!

I go back and forth on days like this. There is only so much sunlight in the day now.

It's cold out, so I'll have to bundle up.

I can change my mind. One minute I say I'll finish my homework and other work, and go to the gym later. The next minute I think to myself, go now outside! Do it before it gets dark. Do it now because winter is coming and it's pretty hard if not impossible to ride a bike in the snow!

But I have so much work to do as well.

It doesn't matter if I told someone I was working on Mechantronics first and then going to the gym.

I can change my mind and go outside.

If it's cold, I can warm up with a few dumbbell routines inside first, then go hop on my bike, and be ready to ride ride ride uphill! Has anyone seen my route on Strava? Oh yea, it's no beginner ride for sure.

I need to learn how to document my weight workouts and spin bike workouts on Strava, I bet if I go to the community website on my desktop computer I can find out how.

But for now, why don't I just get to work on something!?

Who knows what it will be?

Oh, and if you need new ideas on workouts and a coach to go along with it, join me on the My TransPhormation App. Download it from your App Store or Play Store. Message me right away for my Coach/Advisor code so you can add me when you setup the app. It needs to be added within 24 hours.

There are many workouts on the app, every style of workout you can think of, including at home workouts with and without equipment. This picture is a traditional weight lifting workout. There are videos in the app that show and explain each exercise.

Oh and the workouts on this app are all FREE. No subscription needed to get all the workouts.

I'm here to help. For real. My people know that. And those who do, will comment below (inside the member only mobile App site.)

No matter what, let's all make today amazing and take care of our precious mind and body.

If you have any questions please message me and ask. Your messages matter to me.


Nibbles Fitness

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