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Win a VISA gift card in the Mini Challenge

I just messaged a dear friend in the forum that she won this gift card today. WHY? Because she keeps a blog journal in the forum and not only does it help HER on her health journey, but it helps others.

I appreciate her so much, so there, she gets the gift card.

Now, I know that isn't what drives women our age (getting the gift or prize), but it's FUN right?

Why not have a little fun while we do what is good for us and others in our little community?

So, starting today we will do a mini challenge until Christmas Eve.

I will pick someone to give the next card to at that time. It will be someone who does the following things often, not necessarily all of them, not necessarily every day, but enough that their participation encourages and helps others as well has hold themselves accountable.

No purchase of anything at all is necessary.

For approved members of Nibbles Fitness Community only, if you want to be a member send me a message.

1) Comment on the Daily Macro post with a few words describing how you achieved your daily goal, or your finished macro plan, or a meal plan, in a word or in pictures.

2) Add a complete workout to the workout category in a post.

3) Add a complete recipe with macros and calories, or a complete meal plan you have used to the Recipe and Meal Plan category in a post.

4) Add a journal post in your personal blog in the forum. Message me if you want one of these for yourself

5) Read others posts completely and leave a comment that supports the origional poster and let's them know you actually related to something they wrote.

Those in the My TransPhormation App with me, you will get a bonus point for every time you take your pictures there, do an assessment, and message me in the app to let me know.

Let's get ourselves ready for Christmas.

Let's treat our body like the powerhouse it truly is which runs our life, and empowers everthing we do in our life.

We can!


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