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Win a hardbound journal

Win a hardbound Nibbles Fitness Meal Plan journal, and some meal prep tips below.

First, the journal:

I picked fuchsia, and these are on order. The logo will look a little different, it won't have the white square but I wanted to give a preview. They will arrive in February.

They will go to anyone who subscribes to the My TransPhormation app and is consistent with logging their meal plans. I will use that data to write out your first meal plan.

Yes! Did you see that? I will handwrite your first meal plan and send it to you with a note. That is how important having a meal plan is.

WHY? Because you need tools for meal planning when you can't get to it on your phone, or the grid goes down.


  • Start now or by January 7th

  • Subscribe to the My TransPhormation mobile App with me as your advisor

  • Log your food daily at least 5 days per week for 4 weeks

  • Do the assessment once per week

  • Message me a minimum of once per week

  • Take your pictures in the App once per week (they are private)

Note: This is for those continental USA only.


Because they hold you accountable. It's too easy to get busy with your life and make excuses for not sticking to your plan. The app makes it super easy so there are no excuses. It has a marker in the camera for where your head and feet should be and other tips for taking good pictures. It datestamps your pictures and helps you keep a record.

Normally, you should take your pictures indoors with an uncluttered background:

But on occasion, I take my pictures outside because I love the view. Winter is unpredictable for lighting outside but maybe I'll do a set in the snow before winter is over, just for fun!

We can take tasks we don't enjoy and add an element of fun, can't we? Do you ever do that?

Here's the thing about pictures. They show you the truth. Sometimes it's hard to see the truth, but it's the best way to tackle any problem head-on.

I've recently written about the bodyweight scale and my recent trip to the doctor. The scale bodyweight scale gives you the truth too, but it's harder to read. Your body is mostly water and it can fluctuate several pounds in one day with just the organs doing their normal functions, not to mention all the cells in your body and the fluid around the cells.

But still, once you see your trend, very often it can give you the truth too. Most of the time when the scale goes up for me, it's because I ate a few extra bites here and there not on the plan, or was not as accurate as I thought I was with measuring out my food portions.

It might be an opportunity, to be honest with yourself, and review your work in the previous days. If you get mad or frustrated use that energy to fix the problem instead of giving up.

Me, I see my little notepad there and I think about it all day. I do get mad and frustrated too, but I use that to remind myself maybe it is time to stop eating for the day, and not take the little bites of this or that that seem so small how could it possibly matter?

I have a picture buddy, Jonda. She sent me this picture today and we chatted about her plan, getting water in, etc. She just kick-started with the DB Goddess fast pack and some meal replacement protein to help her keep her macros on point.

We both decided that Fridays were good days for both of us to take pictures. So we will hold each other accountable.

I will help hold you accountable too. Message me in the App and let's do it!

TIPS for meal planning

  • Keep it simple

  • Eat food you like

  • Add protein to each meal FIRST

  • When in doubt, each meal should be about a palm-size of protein 🤚, and a fist-size each of carbs 👊 and veggies 👊.

  • Skip the carbs with snacks and at least one meal

  • Find ways to get as many micronutrients in as possible (this helps with fat loss) - Jonda has a great stack that includes greens and micronutrients.

  • Measure out your food in ounces and grams, even packages

  • Package up food to freeze so you don't have to worry about wasting extra food!

  • After each meal, if you feel the tug for more, remember - YOU GET TO HAVE MORE NEXT TIME!

  • Keep busy with things it feels good to accomplish

  • Keep notes, pictures, and symbols to remind you WHY you are sticking to the plan

  • You can find comfort in other things besides food; hugs, exercise, warmth, massage, a nap, journaling, music.

  • Plan in treats!!

I don't know about you, but I don't like to waste anything so after meal prepping I have to package up food for the freezer. Even if it's just 3 or 4 servings. It adds up if you eat the extra instead of sticking to your plan. Find a way to save it for the future instead.

Alright, who's ready to do this?


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