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I know it's hard right now.

Everyone has something they are struggling with.

Like I said in the video, nothing we have to do is convenient right now. Some things regarding fitness and accountability are the last thing I feel like doing!

So many things are getting in the way!

You are not alone.

I know it's hard to do new things, like logging in and posting in the new forum (instead of the previous group location), but it's worth it. Building community and teamwork with others takes a little effort.

So to show I appreciate those who are willing to share a little of their lives with posts, maybe a food picture and a recipe, or a picture with a story of overcoming, or anything you want to share with others who need it regarding health, fitness, happiness, and self-care, I will be giving away gift cards every month. I will do this indefinitely because I think people need YOU and your stories.

If you want your own blog in the forum to keep as a journal, let me know and I'll work with you to set it up.

Our Nibbles Fitness Zoom meetings will be back on Wednesday Evening's at 4 PM Pacific time (7 PM Eastern time). I will send out a reminder early in the week. Message me if you want to be on the mailing list for the meetings.

Love you all, let's keep fighting!


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