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Why smile?

It's true. I got to talk to my daughter which is a sortof primal blessing to a mom. My dentist and the hygienist had a fun discussion about this while they worked on my teeth. I could only nod and grunt as my mouth was full of dental instruments.

I woke up in sciatic pain (such is life now) but coffee and NSAID are enabling me to walk today with just enough dignity.

In a few weeks I finally get my tooth implant put in. That makes me super happy. It's a long journey.

I packed my healthy food today. My goal was to not buy food on the go because that rarely keeps us on track, and those packaged foods typically have inflammatory ingredients.

No one ever said life was easy or pain free. Work to solve problems, but know that more problems pop up naturally, and problem solving creates new problems to solve.

Embrace problem solving. Turn on critical thinking. Our world becomes real compared to the facade that exists. We start solving more problems we choose to solve. For example, I had a problem to solve when I needed to lose 85 pounds. Now, I choose to solve the problems for keeping it off.

It doesn't feel fair. We think we should get to cruise, but life doesn't work that way.

The calorie deficit? Yes, it's this again!

Not a new fad. Not the next gimmick. Not a fancy fasting protocol. Not a new fangled diet, or cleanse, or wrap.

Just calories and protein in each 24 hour block.

Nothing new here.

Yet, I get to go swimming today, eat the food I packed, for now I can still walk, and I can smile with an almost full set of teeth!

Smile anyway!


PS The FALL 2021 $50k eight week challenge is here, message me if you want in. ❤💙💚🧡

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