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Why people fail?

Willpower fails us, instead it's Skillpower:

I can only control my behavior by taking control of the things that control me.⁣

Do you want to change your behavior but for some reason don't? You fall for the willpower trap.⁣

Those who fail had the faulty assumption that they don't care enough or are not fully committed, so don't have enough willpower.⁣

You are blind and outnumbered. It's a math problem.⠀⠀⁣

It's a tug of war. One side is 1) you want to.⁣

The other side is 2) skills, 3) friends who are not helping vs cheering squad, 4) coach 5) rewards, 6) environment/easy/hard/cheap/expensive.⁣

If 2 through 6 are tugging against you, you will fail. That's the math problem.⁣

Those who succeed were the subject of their own study. Their process was homegrown, trial and error, and customized to their own environment.⁣

✅ Identify your crucial moments⁣

✅ Create your vital behaviors⁣

✅ engage all 6 of the above vital behaviors (Personal motivation and ability, Social, and Structure/Environment)⁣

✅ Turn bad days into good data⁣

Learn and adapt. Deal with setbacks. Analyze and adjust.⁣

These are my notes from a TedTalk many years ago.

I've always said, you can't rely on willpower alone. This applies to anything you want to change in your life.

That is why people who don't engage with thier coach on a weekly or daily basis, typically don't succeed at their goals.

This is what I'll talk about on the Live, On Every Sunday, today at NOON Pacific Time. I will see some of you there shortly!

Do the power list, do the assessment, engage with your team, use your coach to help you learn how to build your team. Brainstorm, visualize, and yes it's ultimately up to you to make it happen, but your coach can walk along with you and help hold you accountable.

That's my husband Randy with me there in the picture, we've been married over 30 years. We are a team, and everything I've accomplished in the last 30 years is because of all that God has given me, including Randy. 💙💚❤

Let's do this.⁣

PS If you want me as your coach, or have a friend who you think could use me as their coach for accountability and setting up your team I'm HERE, install the App and send me a message in the App.


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