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WHY our pictures are NOT FUN

60 year old female 85 pound fat loss

Today's a day that many are submitting their pictures in the 1st Phorm App and their reactions are mostly the same.

"I hate taking my pictures!"

So, let's dig into WHY that is...

61 year old female body weight scale

Along with that is "I hate getting on the scale!"


It's only because you are not where you want to be. You might be disappointed, frustrated, and feel somewhat hopeless.

You might have been at a good place, and then the recent tragic events of history helped to derail your habits.

It never seems fair, the way the weight creeps up. I KNOW this feeling too. People might not think I know. They see pictures of me and they think that I don't get it. It must be easy. It must come natural.

But the truth is that it's not easy for anyone, not even me.

I don't have special discipline or motivation. I just see a problem that needs to get solved. I have to constantly push my emotions aside and immerse myself in the work. In the steps. In the actions.

And when I do that, I lose track of time and just keep doing it, day after day, each night rejoicing in the fact that I did the process. I fell in love with accomplishing the process. Each night, I reviewed what I did as I fell asleep, vowing I would do it again.

The days that I didn't follow the steps, especially the nutrition and portions. I was disappointed, and I knew the only course of action was to follow the plan tomorrow. So I did, and I do!

If I didn't follow it, I brainstormed what stopped me and put into place something that would prevent it. It might be asking Randy to please keep something locked away in the basement, or not bringing it home to tempt me.

We all need to get the help and support of others who love us. We have to let them know why we need whatever it is. Sometimes we have to be willing to do something for them to help them do whatever it is for us. Life is a give and take. We can't just expect others to conform to what we need without being a team, discussing it and finding a way to solve the problem.

Decide what is important and forget about how others might think. Those others are not living your life, they might not get it, but you know your sense of urgency.

I have my sense of urgency about my health. Body fat level IS a measure of health. Others in today's society might say it's vain, but they don't understand that high body fat is actualy stress on our body and our immune system.

Modern society has embraced and accepted a new higher level of body fat as normal, even though it is not healthy.

If you want better health, you are going to have to fight for it, like the rest of us fight for it. We swim against the grain of society.

They will say, it's just one night, it's just a piece of cake, it's just one workout missed for a party, whatever. But if you let them own that, then they win and you don't.

It's those little choices over time.

61 year old female with food
I fell in love with the process after it changed my life!

The wine, the cake, the party, the girls weekend, those are all supposed to be sometimes treats. You decide when you will have those treats. The more often you do that, especially when your body fat is already high, then the less chances you have to "get where you want to me" so that "you are happy on the scale or taking your pictures".

You can't have it both ways. Like I explained in the video, it doesn't mean you can't have the treats. You SHOULD have the treats. But it won't be the whole cake, it won't be every day, and it won't be every weekend either.

Those I see who achieve their goals are not going on "vacation" every single weekend, every single month, all year. No, they plan in little once in a while treats, and they learn to stay on track most of the time with new habits that take a long time of not giving up to learn.

I'm super excited about those joining the App with me. We have a lifetime of habits to learn together. If you stick with it, and learn the simple habits daily, you will get what you want with a simple process each day.

Fall in love with the process, and the results will come. Only you can make the process fun. It might not be fun at first, but you can learn to make it a fun challenge or puzzle.

If anyone still wants in the challenge, or to work with me at any time. Simply download the App and send me a message inside the 1st Phorm App and we can get started.

Like I said in the video, we need to work together week after week, month after month, over time.

Me, I'm happy with my pictures I took last week, and the scale because I worked hard on my habits to have that. Not because I'm special, not because I have extra willpower, or extra special super discipline... only because I never gave up, decade after decade of habits that were certainly not there before.

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