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Why Fitness Techniques don't work as we age.

Ever wonder why the fitness techniques you once used don't work anymore as we age? It's called Anabolic Resistance and it's a real thing. It makes it harder for us to lose body fat as well as keep up with muscle synthesis or protein turnover in the body.

There is a solution to this. We can't stop the aging process, but we can do our best to be our best. Today I'm writing and talking about protein and why it helps overcome Anabolic Resistance, how much protein do we need to overcome it, and what types of protein is best to overcome it, as well as why we need resistance training to overcome it. There are links at the bottom of this post for a deeper dive into these topics.

Fresh baked egg white custard

I have included a recipe I just made this week to help me overcome this problem. It's one of my solutions, along with the amazing ground turkey vegetable soup I often make daily.

Is Vegan or Animal protein protein best?

Animal protein has a complete amino acid profile and a higher bioavailability, so it has more anabolic properties. [MDPI]

Some people who have a diet high in animal proteins tend to eat higher cholesterol as well as more processed meats, and less vegetables and fruits, thus may have adverse health effects.

Diets high in plant protein, such as the vegan and vegetarian diets, are linked with many health benefits.

It's important to remember that correlation does not imply causation. [Brown]

By reducing processed meats and too much fat in the diet, the adverse health effects can be reduced, much like the benefits those who embark on a Vegan diet.

It's possible to have a very healthy diet consuming a balance of organic lean animal proteins, some healthier high fat animal proteins, and a good amount of vegetables and fruits.

All vegan protein isn't necessarily good for many people, and neither is too much processed and high fat animal protein good for many people.

What is an amino acid bioavailability score?

Everyone has different needs, and yet a common need that we all have is a need for a diet with a complete amino acid profile. Protein (amino acids) are not stored in the body like glycogen and fat; we need a constant daily of amino acids, especially the essential amino acids.

Vegan sources by themselves are not enough high quality protein (PDCAAS). [Bhandari]

Often, in order to get the proper amount of protein, it's too many calories which can cause body fat to be driven to unhealthy levels.

calorie difference between vegan and animal protein

For example, it takes 4 cups of quinoa to give us 33g of protein and it's a whopping 888 calories. Where 4 ounces of chicken breast will goes us 35g of protein at 187 calories. Not to mention the fact that those quinoa protein grams are not high on the PDCAAS so won't help our need for overcoming anabolic resistance as we age. [Bhandari]

For me, it comes down to common sense. I used to be an "All or Nothing" girl. But over time I've learned that a little balance is best.

While the vegan protein powder I've used might be good for some of my recipes, it's not good in my 2021 Egg White Custard recipe. The reason it has the texture it has is because of the two protein powders I did use, which are animal proteins and collagen. It's not just the proteins and collagen, but all the ingredients in the small bit of powder used, that gives it the amazing pleasant texture that helps me enjoy my high protein meal plan.

What is Anabolic Resistance?

It's basically an inability for the body to keep up with protein turnover in the body. It can cause a loss in lean body mass as we age. It makes it hard to maintain or increase muscle mass or lean body mass as we age.

Anabolic Resistance can also occur with obesity [Paulessen et al]

Anabolic Resistance can be overcome with two things:

1) 30 grams or more per meal, consumed within 30 minutes (not a protein drink slowly consumed over a few hours). [Ormsbee]

2) Resistance exercise, like lifting weights, 3 or more days per week. [Paulessen et al]

Basket of fresh garden produce
I love vegan foods too!

I mix Vegan sources of food with my leaner animal sources of food. It's what works for me and has kept my body anabolic. That's why these type of recipes, like the one I posted here, help me maintain my lifestyle. I love my fresh organic produce as well!

This knowledge helps keep me motivated with my lifting routines, even though my hips are a problem now, I'm sticking to my upper body routines! I can only do a few exercises, so I just do more of them, like 5 sets or more every session.

middle aged fitness female success
I am overcoming Anabolic Resistance

My 2021 Egg White Custard Recipe

And last but not least, my 2021 Egg White Custard recipe that helps me overcome anabolic resistance. The new recipe turned out fantastic 😋


  • 20 egg whites

  • 1 scoop Level-1 Vanilla Ice Cream

  • 2 scoops Collagen with Dermaval

  • 1 tablespoon Almond Flour (I use Bob's Red Mill)

  • 1 tablespoon Bob's Red Mill gluten free vanilla cake mix

  • 1 teaspoon sea salt

  • 1 teaspoon stevia powder (I use Now, Better Stevia, organic powder because it's not bitter and it doesn't include sugar alcohols as other brands do).


Depending on oven, preheat to 300-350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use a glass or ceramic baking pan, spray with cooking spray.

Blend dry ingredients with just enough water to make it smooth and dissolve the proteins smoothly. Blend in egg whites. I use a hand mixer, you know, the old fashioned type with two egg beater type blades 😏

Pour custard into pan, cover with foil (it will pop off at the end but it will serve the purpose of keeping the top from burning) and bake for 50 minutes to an hour. Check with toothpick if you aren't sure if it's done in the center.

Typically I divide this up into thirds. One third = 1 serving because I'm hungry and it's filling and satisfying.

🥚 One serving is 160 calories:

  • 28g protein

  • 2 fat

  • 5.5 carbs

I hope you enjoy the recipe and the information. Please feel free to comment or ask questions. If you want to join me in the 1st Phorm Fitness App any time during the year to continue learning the fitness and health lifestyle please do. All that you need to do is get the App, and subscribe so you get the amazing tools available and can send me a text in there 24 x 7. Then send me a text right away and let's get started! I'm ready to help you achieve the best result possible, just like I am doing at age 60 right now.


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