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Why are you HERE?

why are you here livestream in 1st Phorm App

With all these New Year resolutions, it's a good question. How did you get here and what are you going to do about it?

Everything on this health and fitness journey works in synergy. Exercise helps you sleep, sleep helps you exercise better. Your bad habits work the same way and can send you on a downward spiral. Or, you can choose to changes things one at a time to start that upward spiral instead.

Why are you here? Think about it.

GET PHOTOS IN! 📸 In the 1st Phorm App

The NEW YEAR CHALLENGE starts next Monday! January 9th, ONLY 4 MORE DAYS.

  • To enter all you have to do is upload photos in the app! Do so ASAP!

  • You have until 11:59pm Central Time Monday to get your pics in! DON’T WAIT.

By the way, there is a NEW prize category going on the theme of LIFESTYLE in the 1st Phorm App. At end of the challenge a prize will be given to someone who has worked longer than eight weeks in the challenges. It will be someone who consistently logs all of their activity, assessments, updated their progress photo's, and who probably struggled and took longer, but they made progress. In many ways I would value that prize more, you earned it with long term consistency and pushing through many tough obstacles in your life to get there. I get it.

Assessments 📝 In the 1st Phorm App


LIVE STREAMS 📺 In the 1st Phorm App

Every morning M-W-F @9am Central time and T-TH @8am Central time

Watch "Why are you here?"

RUN THE PLAY: consistency = results

• Track Your Food

• Hit Calories and Protein 🔥

• Drink Your Water 💦

• Move your body/weight resistance train🏋️

• 🚶🏽Walk for 45 minutes, 7 days a week

• Prioritize sleep💤


Intro to Foundational Supplements (Part 1/3)

“I’m all in on this challenge, what supplements should I be taking!?"

While I love the ambition and enthusiasm it’s hard to recommend supplements without being able to dig further into individual needs.

Now there are 5 supplements that I do stand behind in their ability to directly benefit your ability to be consistent and optimize results through training and nutrition!

⭐️ Level-1

Sustained assimilation protein shake designed to mimic the digestion of whole food protein

Makes it easier to hit your daily protein goal, which will help you see better real and long-term results.

Tastes 🔥 – Red Velvet Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream is my go-to! Those who know me know my favorite way to get this sweet tooth in is in my PROTEIN ICE CREAM secret.

⭐️ Micro Factor

- A complete daily essential micronutrient pack that provides our body with what it needs on a foundational level to feel and see the best results possible

⭐️ Opti-Greens 50

- A greens superfood powder that provides over 50 different hand selected ingredients we normally don't include in our diet!

- This helps to improve our gut health, digestion, ability to effectively process carbs and our overall energy!

⭐️Full-Mega: A High Potency of Omega-3s rich in EPA/DHA

Omega-3s help with reducing inflammation, improving cardiovascular health, cognitive function, Improving Insulin sensitivity, moderate Cortisol levels, and optimizing overall hormone production.

If the body is inflamed, it is going to hinder weight loss, hormone production, and recovery making it extremely difficult to lose weight.

⭐️ Post Workout Stack (Ignition and Phormula-1) which anyone working out should be taking to optimize muscle growth, recovery and reduced soreness.

Why the Post Workout Stack?

Because there are two things we are doing in the gym:



Thank You

I include these educational posts here on my blog as well as in the 1st Phorm App where I review assessments, food logs, and your progress photos. I include these here because a few of you are not in the 1st Phorm App, but are loyal 1st Phorm customers who support this website. I appreciate you and would do anything to help you in your fitness goals. Without you, I would not be able to have this website and private forum. THANK YOU!!

In the challenge or just making ongoing lifestyle changes, let's continue to support each other in the Forum, making our daily posts when we can, holding each other accountable, and supporting the others in there as well. After all, why are you here?

Please do not ever hesitate to reach out and let me know! 👊🏼


Advisor Roberta RS in the 1st Phorm App

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