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Who needs modified workouts?

Who else finds they need to modify workouts?

There are many things that happen to us over the years, right? Injuries or other issues where we have a body part that doesn't quite work like everyone else?

I've helped many people with this over the years.

The most important thing is that you don't do any exercise that aggravates an injury.

Go see a doctor and a physical therapist and make sure that you know what you should be doing, and what you should not be doing.

Right now I have a shoulder injury and a broken back so no leg exercises with the exception of biking, leg curls, leg extensions, and the calf machine. Because of my shoulder, no shoulder presses or chest exercises that leverage away from my body and puts that extra stress on my shoulder.

For me, that narrows the weight training down to bi's, tri's, back, and chest exercises, along with what I mentioned in the paragraph before this one.

That can be really discouraging, I know!

My routine lately with these limitations has been greatly shortened compared to the Venus workout day one in the video, which is a great workout I highly recommend. If you want my link for the full 12 weeks12-week just message me. There are 25 workouts total for the 12 week program. I offer some coaching for anyone who gets it from me.

When I made that video almost 10 years ago I was so camera shy, I had a hard time saying anything, can you tell I just wanted it to be over with, I talked fast and got out of there asap?! I still kinda feel that way but I've gotten a little better at it, maybe slightly, right?

My friends who message me about what I have said in various videos have helped me tremendously over the years.

But, back to the modified workouts. I just got to the point where I have a little more endurance with the weight lifting after letting my shoulder heal a bit more. I've been consistent for a while with approximately 30 minutes for each workout.

Now, if I have time with the limited exercises I can do, I do more sets. Doing more sets instead of more reps per set can help me keep up with a moderate weight instead of weights too low to maintain the muscle.

If the weights are too low, it doesn't do enough for building and maintaining lean body mass. I still do enough that I need to put the weights down to rest after 10-15 reps. Therefore, I do more sets.

Not that smaller weights are not useful. I always say work with what you have, it does not have to be all or nothing! If you have smaller weights, use them. But know that if you have a goal to get more definition, you need to plan on getting access to some bigger weights.

I usually do 5 sets, but if I have more endurance I do more. It's boring, so I play music and just get into a zone where I enjoy moving my body, and appreciating what my body can do.

You can search for various exercises by using keywords like "knee-friendly", "hip friendly" or "back-friendly". You still have to experiment to find what works for you and should never do anything that aggravates an injury. Talk to your doctor and physical therapist if you have any questions about any exercises.

Who else has to modify workouts?

For those with me in the My TransPhormation app, we can get help from the experts there as well.

I hope you are all doing well this week where most of us are getting our groove back after the Thanksgiving treats!

Let me know how you did this week.


PS Who needs to see some kitty therapy? This is Koneko this morning, doing his thing. None of our other cats do this, who has cats who lay on their back like this?

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