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Who needs an at home workout?

Who needs an at home workout today? I've got one below. It's from the My TransPhormation App and they are FREE.

There are so many workouts in this app, every style you can imagine, and it's easy to switch back and forth from gym workouts to home workouts, with and without equipment.

Join me in the App and I will help you with anything you need help with, or just be your buddy as you achieve whatever your goal is.

I'm an Advisor in the App, if you message me I can give you my Advisor ID and we can stay connected.

I've had to modify my workouts all year. My shoulder and hips have been hurting since January.

It turns out, at age 60 now, I have severe arthritis in two places in my shoulder, both hips, and lower back. That means I have to do special exercises and work with a PT to learn how to do things a little differently.

My back is broken, but it's got enough structure that I can hold steady if I do things right. Changing my diet and working with my doctors will help me have the tools I need to continue to be my best.

I have a lot more dos and donts now.

It doesn't mean we have to go sit in a rocking chair. There is no reason I can't keep my physique with the exercises I can do.

One of the biggest factors that shows your physique or not is body fat. There is no reason to gain extra weight. Even if you can't exercise you can control your body fat with proper portions and macros, and I belive micronutrients add to your ability to sustain and perform your best.

So, I'm weighing in every day and it helps with accountability.

I'm doing my assessment every week and taking my pictures at that time. The pictures are totally private, but they are really cool because they show progress all year. They are easily organized in one place, the camera in the app has markers to place your head and feet so that the comparisons are easy to make over time. The date is easily shown on each set of pictures so it's easy to see progress, or no progress if you are slacking on the process.

The process gets you there. The metrics hold you accountable.

A meal plan is key, and it starts with tracking your food because there is no one size fits all meal plan. That's why I'm giving away a hardbound meal plan journal to anyone who remains consistent with me in the app.


Here is today's at home workout. If you need help modifying it for any reason let me know. Send me a message here in Wix, or if you are in the My TransPhormation mobile App send me a message there.

I've been adding my workouts daily on Strava and Parler, so if you are over there let's stay connected there too.

Who did a workout today? How was it?

Blog about it in our members only forum here, or leave a comment below.

Yesterday I went to the Sheriff's gym, where I'm still a Deputy, and I did the assault bike HIIT for 30 minutes. I've worked my way up with endurance, when I first started I could only do 10 minutes. It just happened to be that the SWAT guys came in to do their workout and we finished our workouts at the same time. As we were all wiping everything down I got some compliments for what they saw me doing. I'm strong. I'm 60. I'm wracked with arthritis all over my body, but no one can tell. Shhh!! Let's keep it our secret.

I don't know about you, but I'm continuing the fight for the rest of my life. We don't have to lay down when the mountains show up!


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