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Who needs a Workout today?

woman on spin bike

First off, being able to workout is a tremendous blessing. People used to always tease me because I'd get to the gym and pull out my workout binder and say "What do I get to do today?"

There is so much I can't do with training anymore. I have to save any running for emergencies. It makes me appreciate all those years that I got to do those things in training.

I always felt when I walked through the doors to enter the gym, and people asked, "How are you?" and I would say:

It's a beautiful day, I just walked through those doors and I get to be here!

Seriously, I mean it. It's a blessing.

I'll say that today again when I get to work this morning in the freezing cold warehouse. They chuckle because I say "It's another glorious day to make good choices and do great things."

I don't care how grungy the job is. It's a blessing to get up and work.

Okay, enough of that, some of you wanted a workout. Here's the first one:

gym workout leg day

It's a Leg Day workout for the gym. If you don't have access to the gym I have an at home workout for you as well.

There are many style's of workouts in the My TransPhormation App to add to your collection of workouts.