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Who needs a Workout today?

woman on spin bike

First off, being able to workout is a tremendous blessing. People used to always tease me because I'd get to the gym and pull out my workout binder and say "What do I get to do today?"

There is so much I can't do with training anymore. I have to save any running for emergencies. It makes me appreciate all those years that I got to do those things in training.

I always felt when I walked through the doors to enter the gym, and people asked, "How are you?" and I would say:

It's a beautiful day, I just walked through those doors and I get to be here!

Seriously, I mean it. It's a blessing.

I'll say that today again when I get to work this morning in the freezing cold warehouse. They chuckle because I say "It's another glorious day to make good choices and do great things."

I don't care how grungy the job is. It's a blessing to get up and work.

Okay, enough of that, some of you wanted a workout. Here's the first one:

gym workout leg day

It's a Leg Day workout for the gym. If you don't have access to the gym I have an at home workout for you as well.

There are many style's of workouts in the My TransPhormation App to add to your collection of workouts.

various workout options

The Leg Day is part of the strength training workout.

Notice that there is a video for each exercise which explains how to keep good form, and there is some text explaining things as well.

In addition, if you choose me as your advisor in the App, you can message me anytime. You can track macros, and keep your progress pictures neatly date stamped in one place, and track your measurements and weight if needed. It's a fantastic App and it's where I love to help people.

With any workout you can switch to "at home workout" when you can't get to a gym. Here's one of the at home workouts:

at home workout

Notice there are modification notes, and the little info symbol to the far right next to each exercise, that's where you get the video and the explainatin notes.

There is a support section in the menu where you can give feedback. I will tell you that 1st Phorm LOVES to hear from their customers. They continually improve the app and will listen to your feedback. In fact, they want your feedback.

Just like I WANT to hear from the people I coach and it makes me sad when they hide for whatever reason. I care and I want to know how people are. I'm not just a cheerleader, I'm here to help solve problems.

I'm a troubleshooter, just like at work fixing computers, or my patrol shifts at the Sheriff's department, or my college classes, or everything else I do.

Every day gives us problems to solve. We can't get away from problems to solve. Once we embrace that, we can do anything.

Sometimes it's just a matter of taking a deep breath and saying "This is just another problem to solve. Let's do this." or maybe even "We get to do this!"

This is the last week of the first 8 week sprint challenge, so those in the App with me, get your weekly progress pictures in by Sunday night at midnight. If you have any questions I am here for you. ❤

Now remember, this fitness challege goes on ALL YEAR. They just have these 3 little 8 week challenges which are meant to be little push motivations. They may fit the seasons of your life, or they may not, but learning the healthy lifestyle is all year.

I'm here all year, and you can join any time all year. I will help all year.

When you are ready, let's go!!!


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