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When practice makes perfect

Well, I'll never call this perfect, but my friend thought it was. She saw the cropped version of the picture that I was going to delete. This was a practice picture. Her brother, who judged the contest thought it was perfect. He had showed his sister the pictures I submitted for a contest and said "No one does this!"

I used a nice camera for this photo, but I didn't know how to use the camera. I set it up on a tripod and I put an object where I was standing and I set the focus on it. I set the timer and I ran over to the correct spot in those darn high heel shoes. I think I had 12 seconds which was barely enough time.

The construction lights were screwing up the camera lens, so I wrapped them with tar paper.​ I set two construction lights up, one on each side and at slightly different heights. This could be a fire hazard so be very careful!​

Probably you should get a professional photographer instead.

In some ways, the capturing of this picture was felt like pure luck. I'm not sure I could get the lighting to work quite the same ever again. I never did take lessons on how to use that camera. But one thing is for sure, I worked hard to get my body fit enough for that picture to come out the way it did.

This picture is a throwback. Today is Thursday so this could be ThrowBackThursday right?

The picture​ was about 10 years ago now. I took them for a transformation contest. When I won the contest, plenty of people made up narrations and treated the pictures like someone threw a dead fish on the table.

This picture was a "practice picture" which I was going to throw away.​ I was testing the camera focus and the lighting.​ I ended up sending it in to the contest as the "front picture" because a precious friend said it was her favorite. She said I had a look in my eyes that said "I have a secret." ​ I was very happy and feeling a bit spunky at that moment in time.​ It seemed like I got those construction lights to work and have the effect I wanted. I still couldn't believe that was me in the picture!

And see! I did it without a professional photographer.

Oh, it was a lot of work and consistency with workouts.​ I was barely 51 years old at this time. I was just getting started.​ Nutrition was a big key, calories and protein. Since then I've received my degree in Nutrition and Fitness, and made honor-roll, which set the foundation for me to embark on another degree, Mechatronics.

Ten years later and the process is mostly the same. Step by step. Day by day. I live out the new seasons.

Health and fitness always matter. How much I eat will always matter, because that is a huge part of what determines our health. Our body is the powerhouse for everything we do, no matter who we are or what we do, or what our age. It's still far too easy to eat more calories than we need, which gradually gets stored as more and more body fat. Most people will think it's age or that something is wrong with their metabolism causing this, when the reality is, it's just too many calories. It's easy to spend calories like spending with a credit card. It's easy to rationalize the spending, and play mental accounting with the spending of calories.

And so somehow I'll find a way to keep my best health, at a new age, and a new season. I'll help those who want to walk with me, and interact with me, and join me in my members only forum and in the My TransPhormation App.

We live to fight yet another day.

And one thing is for sure, if you don't practice, you miss the opportunity. You never know when practice will make perfect! It's usually when you were not looking.

What will you do to practice something today?


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