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What's the best workout?

Whatever you will consistently do! What do you enjoy? If you don't enjoy any of it right now, that's because your body needs to slowly adapt. Then you find what you will enjoy.

I started running when I was 19 years old. I hated it. My face turned beet red. My lungs burned. I got shin splints. Nothing about it was fun. Gradually my body adapted and I began to love it, even crave it.

There is a reason why those who lift weights AND do cardio AND have a solid nutrition plan are successful. There is a synergistic effect with all of those, both physiologically and psychologically.

Sure you can change your size with just the calorie deficit alone, but that is CATABOLIC (breaking down). Lifting weights at the same time is ANABOLIC (building) so they counter each other.

If you eat just the right amount you certainly can burn fat and build muscle at the same time. But if your energy is too low, or the food is not nutrient dense, that doesn't work well either.

Aerobic training stimulates an increase in the muscles ability to store glycogen - that's the ENERGY TO PERFORM (glycogen is a large web of glucose molecules stored in your muscles), your gas tank so to speak. You make your gas tank bigger.

You also increase the SIZE and number of your mitochondria cells in your muscle tissue with intense cardio (like HIIT or above the "fat burning" zone.)That in turn helps you lift heavy things, and it also gives you more endurance.

I did the Assault Bike HIIT Cardio last night in the video at the Sheriff's Department. I couldn't play the music I was listening to YouTube but it was very cool when "Eye of the Tiger" played on my classic rock pandora station. I use a boxing timer on my phone and it has an animated fist that punches out during the interval.

HIIT is HARD! If you push yourself all out during the intervals you can't possibly go more than 30 minutes. Your glycogen gas tank will run out, but it's so good. This is how you build more mitochondria cells, and those that you currently have can grow bigger.

Having those mitochondria cells along with the micronutrients and oxygen are what will help fight off illness. It gives you the energy to keep fighting.

And that is also what increases your bodies ability to BURN FAT and BUILD LEAN BODY MASS. That won't happen with just the diet (energy or calorie deficit).

But nutrition, oh yeah there is magic in that too, not just the deficit for fat loss. I'm talking HEALTH and PERFORMANCE due to what you eat and when. I've written about that in many other posts, and I'll proably write more about that soon.

The workouts give you endorphins, to shake off those bad moods. And just doing them gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment, so that puts "skin in the game" for you to make better food choices.

See, it all feeds each other in a synergistic manner. Like a snowball effect.

There is a great study that proves how important those glycogen stores in your body are. For longer endurance cardio carbohydrates play an important role and your body prefers that over blood glucose. "Effectiveness of Carbohydrate Feeding in Delaying Fatigue during Prolonged Exercise"

The performance comes from the glycogen in the muscle and the ability to fill that gas tank back up.

It's pretty cool and it's proof that you need to GET TO WORK! It won't happen scrolling through social media pages. I love not being on those big tech social engineering pages anymore!

Have a fantastic Tuesday!

Roberta Nibbles Fitness

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