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What's the best exercise for Fat Loss?

“Roberta, what workout is best for fat loss?”, “Is it better to do some weight lifting, or cardio?”

Less "extra servings" of food! Exercising impulse control. Don't feel bad if you aren't good at this. The truth is that we humans are not good at this and we have to set up our environment for success by reducing temptations and building new habits. There are people who have no impulse control at all and need to live where all the food bins are locked. Most of us aren't that bad, we can LEARN and change things around. It's okay to use locks too. Why do you think they make locking cookie jars?

Any exercise will burn a little extra calories which can give you a better edge with fat loss, but the MAIN focus for fat loss is your calories and protein. Nutrition is KEY for fat loss! That is why many people at the gym workout for years, and even hire personal trainers and yet never achieve their weight loss goals.

Many trainers are not nutritionists; thus, they cannot legally prescribe a meal plan. That’s why I help people in the 1st Phorm App, the meal plans and macros are setup by certified nutritionists and we (you and I) have access to the nutritionists in the App should we have any questions at all about nutrition.

Unless you are already at your goal weight, you don’t need to consider your calorie burn from exercise too much. Think of it as a little bonus while you keep on track with your macros.

Eating for fat loss is a fine line, kind of like walking a tightrope. It’s easy to eat a little extra and hit TDEE (no fat loss), or eat too low and then binge (no fat loss). It needs to be just right like Goldilocks. Send me a message in the 1st Phorm App anytime to discuss this!

Some would say that HIIT burns the most about of body fat. It might, but it depends. You can burn just as many calories doing other things for longer periods of time. The bottom line is that you won’t lose body fat unless your calories are under your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure).

I think one of the coolest things I learned from my professor in nutrition college was the fact that you can grow more mitochondria cells in your body if you exercise with high enough intensity. Not only that, but you can grow bigger mitochondria cells. These are the cells that make your heart beat and help you generate energy inside your body. Learning about them made me think of them like little transformers. They even have something in them called the electron transfer chain.

It’s truly amazing! It costs nothing, it’s not a supplement, if you are in good health just go do some burpees or sprints a couple times a week!

Come ‘On, who doesn’t want to grow themselves some Mitochondria Cells!!! Let’s go!

ASSESSMENTS 📝 in the 1st Phorm App.

- Do them once a week, that’s where I’ll get a report of all your logging, food, workouts, measurements, etc. I can review them and it hold you accountable.


What about cardio vs resistance training, HIIT vs LISS, and what burns body fat?

People often misunderstand the relationship between different exercises.

Resistance training

  1. Stimulate the building and/or preservation of Lean tissue

  2. Increase strength, stability, and power

  3. Increased work capacity

  4. Improves active range of motion

  5. Increased bone density

Resistance Training

The main role of resistance training is building and/or maintaining muscle, but there is a point of diminishing returns.


  1. Create a further Calorie deficit

  2. Improve cardiovascular function and blood flow

  3. Increases work capacity

LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) - Walking and Zone 2 cardio benefits

  1. Minimal muscle damage

  2. Increased Recovery

  3. Increased aerobic capacity

  4. Improved Cardiovascular function and blood flow

  5. Improved work capacity

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) - Alternating Short Burst activity followed by a recovery period

  1. Elicits Muscle damage and metabolic stress

  2. Increased Cardiovascular function/blood flow

  3. Increases Anaerobic Capacity

  4. Increased Work Capacity

  5. Improves strength and power

  6. Helps your body grow more mitochondria cells, as well as bigger mitochondria cells, which not only gives you better endurance and work capacity, but helps your heart.

All three forms of exercise improve insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular heath, blood flow, and mobility.

HIIT will stimulate hunger and require more recovery; Weight training requires more recovery; However, volume needs to be accounted for with both of these. If you are truly getting your heart rate up to an anaerobic rate, you won’t be able to do more than 30 minutes of HIIT in a session. You only need to do HIIT one or two times per week. It’s HARD.

HIIT is harder, but it requires less time.

LISS doesn’t stimulate hunger the same and doesn’t require nearly as much recovery time.

LISS is easier, but it requires more time.

The main role of Cardio is Cardiovascular health and endurance, although it will increase calorie expenditure as well. The higher the intensity the more calories you burn, and high enough intensity grows mitochondria, the body's powerhouse cell.

This weekend we'll bring in the New Year! Many of us are still hanging on with our meal plans, best that we can, and attempting to build those mitochondria cells, or just do a little LISS, or maybe a little weight training, or Pilates, or yoga, or whatever we can do along with nutrition and cheering each other on in the Forum. Thank you Mina, Netty, Patty, Gina, Denise, and Mari! Anyone who wants can still join us anytime.

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