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What is your self sabotage excuse?

I'm tired. This takes too long. I'm not a selfie person. The workouts are not working. Nothing is changing. I don't think this is for me. I still want to eat everything in sight.

I don't have time. I don't like working out. I don't feel​ motivated. This just isn't working.

This is too hard.

I'm eating healthy, a slight deficit, exactly what I'm supposed to be doing and nothing is changing. This doesn't seem to be working. I have hot flashes.

These are all self-sabotage excuses.

Hundreds of people sign up for a challenge and within 2-3 weeks they are saying this. It's not just you. Most people drop out because it's too hard.

You just started working out, and you don't realize it take way more than a few weeks to get results.

You just started a healthy portion controlled diet, and you don't realize it can take 90 days to see a change sometimes - IF you stick with it and don't give up.

It is a lifestyle change.

Do you remember what you wanted?

Did you make a vision board? Or put symbols and notes and pictures and reminders everywhere to remind you of what you wanted?

Yes it's hard. Look around you. Who keeps going and doing things when it's hard and the going gets rough?

Do you think the rest of us who achieved something didn't feel this way? Do you think at age 59 I get a free pass from hot flashes?

Wrong. We all felt this way. It was not easy. It was freaking hard.

It's hard to maintain too. You WILL need the "push through anyway even if it's hard skill" again and again and again.

Life doesn't get easier when this or that is done. When the kids are grown, when school is done, when this project or that crisis is over, life hands you a new set of things.

You have two choices:


Or keep going.

That's it.

If you quit, I guess you didn't really have the vision you wanted or the desire to really make it happen.

I'll be 60 on Wednesday this week. It doesn't matter. No one cares. I will just keep going. It's just another day. Especially this year, it's just another day to keep going and make good choices.

Did you ask for help?

Or did you just give up?

What's it gonna be?

I'm here for questions. The ball is in your court.

I will follow in Netty and Stacy's footsteps in the forum.


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