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What is your greatest accomplishment?

As I was putting together this mornings post inside the Nibbles Forum, with today's October positivity challenge question "What is your greatest accomplishment?" ...

Accomplishment flow chart

... this picture caught my attention.

It reminds me that you might have the idea that you want to lose weight and build muscle or toning on your body, but it won't work without strategy, preparing, implementation, and action!

Within that, your motivation comes.

At first, your motivation might be you are not happy with something that needs to be fixed, for your health, for your quality of life, for being what you should be for your family, etc.

But if you don't move into the steps shown in the picture, that little bit of motivation that seemed so urgent at the time you thought of it, will fade.

The only way you keep that fire lit, is to keep doing the above steps, over and over. When it stops working, solve the problem, brainstorm, think out of the box, what will prevent the things that tempt you? When you say "You can't" in the moment, what can you do to change that to "You can!" or will you just stay imbedded in that big fat lie?

The more you do it, the more you do it! The more you fall and get up right away instead of laying in the mud pit longer, the more you learn to get up RIGHT AWAY, and keep going.

It's the truth.

Now, tell me what you are doing today to either solve a problem, brainstorm, plan, strategize, prepare, implement, and take action?

If you don't, then you are not really willing to put in the work for WHAT YOU WANTED WHEN YOU SIGNED UP HERE.

What did you sign up for???

Let's go. I'm here to help you solve problems. That's what I've done best all my life. I'm a problem solver.

So, the ball is in your court. Do you really want it, or not?

Age 60 weight loss graph just starting

I've been sticking with the nutrition plan (Calories and Protein) the last couple weeks. It didn't feel like it was working at all!

But here I see, yes it's working. It's day 290 in 2021 and we must keep fighting the good fight for our health.

Female age 60 fitness

Yeah, I know I look the same as always! But I know the truth. My weight fluctuates just like yours. I don't feel like stepping on the scale.

I'm going to keep going. I want to have an inch less before I might have to go for surgery. I've got people to help, and things to do.

I've listed a few of my accomplishments inside the forum, along with my other friends:

Nibbles Fitness Forum blog posts

We share important stories every day about our dreams, hopes, disappointments, accomplishments, good books to read, bucket lists, and many things that need to be talked about.

You can answer the question in the Forum if you want, any time. If you see a question or topic you like, jump in!

When we keep our steps, we keep our motivation and we stay alive!

Happy Monday!

PS In the video at the top, I give a tip for takiing good pictures with your cell phone camera, no matter what App you are using! If you like it, hit like on YouTube and leave a comment.

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