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What is your biggest fear?

mid life females fitness transformation

Each one of these beautiful people had fears, anxiety, and things to overcome.

Transformation comes in at different rates, and with different sets of problems to overcome. It's not the same at all for any person.

Most people in the picture don't even feel like they are making progress. Some feel like they are failing.

Some people who are not in the picture, because they have not yet made changes in their pictures, are making tremendous changes in their lifes. They are transforming too.

It's never good to compare. It's YOU against YOU.

I think my biggest fear at the moment, among many for the world and for our nation, is fear of pain regarding my surgeries this year. I know many have had both hips replaced, both knees, and all sorts of things, but this isn't about comparing myself with them. It's still Me against ME. I don't know yet how strong or weak I'll be with the various challenges ahead for me. We don't know these things until we go through them. And the only way through, is through.

I'm so thankful for those of you still walking with me. I'm not on mainstream social media anymore. I love that I have friends who took the time to find me here. You've helped show me for real, that those platforms are not needed the way people think they are. There are certainly ways to stay in touch with people we care about, many of us did so before those things existed. And yet, technology is still amazing and I love connecting with you all inside Nibbles-Fitness and the 1st Phorm App.

I may look the same, but many things are changing inside me, one of those things will be titanium hip joints!

61 year old female fitness

I have my own set of hurdles. I took my pictures right here on January 1st, and here I am again eight weeks later. Today, March 6th, is one week away from my first hip replacement surgery. Next Sunday I'll be preparing for surgery scheduled for Monday morning when I need to be at the hospital by 5 AM.

My focus for the last eight weeks was helping others with all the energy I have in spite of it all. I've logged my food every day, I've mostly followed my own pre designed meal plans, allowing for the emotions of my frustrations and sadness.

I look forward to the vision I have of myself later this year, walking at a normal pace with a normal gait. Being able to put my socks on or get in and out of the car without pain. Being able to perform normal household chores without each task becoming a major ordeal.

I think I'll cry tears of joy the first time I can do a full body workout at the gym, even just a simple curtsey lunge. Or go for a hike with Randy, or play racquet ball at the club where so far all I can do is swim.

I'll never take for granted, the ability to walk into a gym or do these simple things. I'll always look at others with compassion when I see them limping, walking slowly, or walking with a cane or walker.

So this challege, and the rest of the challenges this year, I will be grateful for the opportunity that my hips can be fixed. It's a modern miracle that hip joints can be replaced when they are nearly fused together like mine are.

My goal this challenge was to maintain my weight, and keep whatever limited physical fitness I can. I'm doing that. The 1st Phorm App helps me with my meal planning. My workouts are limited but sometimes I am so thankful for all that I CAN do; swimming, rowing, indoor biking, and upper body lifting. Even if I can only do about 15 different lifts, I've found I can do more sets and still get an hour workout in. I think it's amazing, and anyone can do it.... if they really want to.

Mainly I'm thankful for my friends in the App with me. Those who trusted me enough to allow me to help them. That they walk this journey with me, and help me stay in the game. Especially those who message me often and take your assessments, you make the effort to change your life.

You are the people who give me a reason to keep going and to believe I still have purpose this year, one of the hardest of my life.

Thank you.

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