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What is Weigh-In-Wednesday?

It actually can be any day of the week which works for your lifestyle to enable you to remain consistent and accountable to yourself.

For some people it's getting on the scale, yet keeping a healthy mindset that the scale is limited. If you ever want to learn more, try a DEXA scan, especially if you are in the later age category like me where the doctor might want to check your bone density.

For me, weigh-in-wednesday is a picture, a mirror selfie, and how my clothes fit. I hold myself accountable every day, to my people, myself, and Randy.

Who will remain accountable?

Accountability determines success or failure. It is a continuum, not a one time only or intermittent process.

I help coach many people in the App, it's for any fitness and health lifestyle, not only sprint challenges which we run 3 times a year. We are currently half way through the 3rd on this year.

Who will check-in with me and remain accountable in the #MyTransPhormation App?

Come on, let's go!

You don't have to be perfect. Ditch the all or nothing mentality.

Message me if you want in, the app is free, but you'll need my Advisor code if you want my help, so message me!


Certified Nutrition and Fitness coach

Sierra College

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