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What is the real meaning of Flex Fridays?

A quick search shows it's for students in school and the opportunity to engage in learning outside of core academic content.

Teachers and students work together to identify areas of interest and need, and teachers offer a variety of options for students to choose from on Fridays.

In a work environment it could be used as a term for various ways to work outside the normal 8-5 window, or telecommute. It might involved compressing the week and having Friday off, or it might mean different hours on Friday, or working from home.

Have you ever worked in a flexible environment?

I spent 25 years at Hewlett-Packard working various schedules and I loved that company back in the "golden era" of it's day.

Many in fitness see it as a symbol of greatness, a symbol of strength, a symbol of stepping out of your comofrt zone.

That it is so much more than just a photo with a hashtag on. It is a uniting symbol.

This picture was yesterday at the gym, I didn't really mean to hide my face but I felt my flex coming back!! I'm smiling!

Who else thinks Flex Friday is fun for any reason at all? Or gives you a reason to smile?

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