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What is the benefit of all the colors of the rainbow?

I'm always happy to find these at our local grocery store.

I don't need many to keep me happy and healthy every day. It's a great snack. I often eat just a small handful either in between meals or after a meal when I'm in one of those strange moods where I just want to keep eating (for apparently no reason! Does that happen to you sometimes too?)

Keturah's recent blog post reminded me of the benefits of carrots.

Besides what Keturah mentioned, carrots have soluble fiber which helps reduce hunger by increasing hormones that produce the feeling of fullness (like peptides.)

In a study it was found that women who ate whole carrots daily felt significantly fuller and ate less throught the day compared to women who did not.

In a larger study, more men and women with increased intake of anthocyanin-rich foods, like the purple carrots, had greater success of weight loss.

While there is no specific magic food, it is the variety of these various nutrients, fiber, and phytochemicals that make our metabolism work better.

I don't always get a chance to eat all this variety, nor do I always have access to these foods, therefore I do take the Opti-Reds and Opti-Greens daily. It helps ensure I get everything I need to remain healthy and keep the results I've achieved with fitness.

And, I still eat small portions daily of various colorful foods when I can. Supplements don't replace the need for whole food, but they ensure we get enough variety of micro-nutrients, phytochemicals, and fiber on a continuous basis to keep everything in our body working as optimum as possible. This DOES matter to our physique and health goals! Consistency in everything including the intake of these small things is crucial to success. Being intermittent isn't helpful, even if we are not perfect, we must strive for consistency.

Plant pigments fall into three categories; Carotenoids, Chlorophyll, and Flavonoids.


Yellow-orange is carotene

Red-orange is Lycopene

Yellow is Lutein and Zeaxanthin


Blue-green is Chlorophyll a

Green is Chlorophyll b


red-purple is Anthocyanin

cream/white is Anthoxanthin

purple-red/yello is Betalains

Plants are functional foods and research shows the vast array of phytochemicals protect our health as antioxidants, phytoestrogens, and anti-inflammator agents.

Kathy reminded me in her blog about the benefits of these various plants.

Cruciferous plants contain many phytochemicals and are named for their cross-shaped blossoms; they are reported to have a protective effect against cancer.

Both Kathy and Keturah write posts that give all of useful information, or reminders, about the importance of our health, not only the food we put in our bodies, but what we feed our mind and spirit with our daily words and habits. These are the the types of posts that make me want to keep doing little gift card challenges. It edifies many of us when people share like this.

I think I'll read more valuable posts like this, while I munch on beautiful colorful carrots.

If you have had heirloom carrots, which color is your favorite?

I find some batches are sweeter and more flavorful than other, and tend to like any of the colors when I get one full of flavor, right now the yellow and purple that I have in my hand are absolutely amazing.


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