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What is Ego Depletion?

Happy Sunday Team Nibbles Fitness!

What is Ego Depletion

No matter what is going on, we all need to think ahead and plan for success. Ever heard of the term "ego depletion"?

It is WHY we sometimes don't have willpower. With everything going on in the world and in each of our own lives, we MUST plan for the future, even the week ahead, if we want success in our fitness goals.

And you thought it was just YOU, and that something was wrong with you? Nothing is wrong with you that some planning and stress management can't help.

Don't use it as an excuse to say "I can't", "I gain weight too easily, and "something is wrong with me". You might have to work at planning and stress management, so put the effort in. It won't happen without some troubleshooting regarding your life and making some difficult changes.

Being ego depleted is why people fail and give up. Here is an article that explains why:

Article on Ego Depletion

This is why we have to have healthy food ready. If you don't have time to prep food, get food already prepared, frozen, a fit food prep company, whatever it takes. Get the crap food out of the house. Your family and kids don't really need crap or overly portioned food. Be the example and help them make healthy choices too.

Who can give me a specific example of when you were ego depleted?

What will you do to fix it?

Feel free to comment or make questions quick post in the private forum.


- Those doing them once a week, GOOD FOR YOU. I love your positive messages as you stay in the game!


- Every morning Monday - Friday at 9am Central Time


1. Pick one area you're going to improve upon and make an actionable step to improve in that area! - in addition to what you were already working on!

This could be fitness, family, career, or anything you know needs attention! Attack it this week!

2. Practice daily gratitude! What we focus on we attract and daily gratitude is an awesome tool you can use to improve your mindset and mental health!


Grocery shopping, Pre-Tracking, Meal Prepping, Clean, Laundry Ect.

Let's go attack this week!

If you need anything let me know!

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