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What has impatience ever brought?

macros and coaching words

What has impatience ever brought? It has only served as the mother of mistakes and the father of irritation. -Steve Meriboli

It's easy to think of what you want right now, but what will you want on Monday and next week?

Think ahead!

The main reason people fail at diets is they go from one extreme to the other. Never living in the middle ground, or learning how to enjoy food, and life, while also achieving goals. This is why I teach TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure).

The lifestyle is a continuum. It's not something you get right now, or ever get really, it's just living life a certain way.

It's an art.

It's not a magic formula that you just follow when you want something.

It's not the latest magic potions, pills, or fad diet that would be fun to try.

The guidelines a coach gives you, that I help teach every day in the My TransPhormation App, are to help learn the art in your own life.

ultimately still work quote

I know it seems like work, until you learn the flow of the art of macros and portions in your own life.

So is it to the artist when they are in college, learning almost mathmatical techniques to perfect their artistic skill. It doesn't matter if you become famous, or you just enjoy art for your own pleasure. You have to go through the steps to acheive whatever the goal is.

What made you think you could just jump in and start a diet and win the goal in a week or two, or even a month?

What made you think you wouldn't have failures, trials and errors to correct?

What made you think you could just wing it, constantly shooting in the dark and sometimes hitting your target, and most of the time not hitting it at all?

If you wanted a coach to help you, why didn't you let them know how you were doing? Interact in all the ups and downs, and ask questions? Do your assessments? Take your progress pictures that show you what measurements don't show you? You need all the data you can get, it shows you the truth.

The truth always sets you free.

The truth sometimes is not fun!

Because you felt ashamed when it you didn't do it perfectly?

Because you thought the coach was just a cheer leader, who is only there to pat you on the back when it went right?

Sometimes my job is to simply help you realize you are not eating enough, or you are not eating a deficit.

Or that you can't make up for your mistakes in one day.

Or how to troubleshoot what you did wrong that it's not working.

Or that yes the process is sometimes quite boring.

Or that yes, we don't feel like it today but we have to do it anyway, just like any other great thing we have done in life.

image of extremes

And that you need to find a way to stop living in the extremes. That eating too low will make you eat too high as well, and that you don't get a free pass from that because you don't get a free pass from being human.

We find that nice steady line, that is boring as all heck, until you learn to be patient and do it anyway, and then achieving the goal is exciting as all heck, for a moment.

It's what trusting the process is. But you don't know the process yet, you only know one extreme or the other.

Excitement is fleeting.

You will find a way to live your life, and acheive your dreams, and live out your purpose.

And once again, you will need your skill of patience on the next level.

And so it goes, from one season to the next, as the world keeps turning, and the clocks keep ticking.

I'm here when you are ready.

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