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What are the benefits of essential minerals including water?

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Vitamins and minerals are life giving. Ancient peoples learned that these were compounds that gave life to people who had them and death to people who did not have them; lack of thiamin (B1) causes beriberi, lack of vitamin A causes blindness, lack of vitamin C causes scurvy, lack of vitamin D causes Rickets, etc.

There are two categories; fat soluble (dissolves in oily solution) and water soluble (dissolves in water). Fat soluble vitamins are A, D, E, K. Water flushes out excess along with toxins. Your body does not absorb all the water-soluble vitamins and the excess is excreted though the liver. Those are the eight B vitamins (B complex) and vitamin C.

You have watery parts and fatty parts in your body. The fat-soluble vitamins are stored in your fat cells.

Mineral deficiencies can cause various disease, and the water you consume helps balance many electrolytes and minerals.

Did you know water is an essential mineral?

Water is crucial for bodily functions but also for maximizing your metabolism. Drinking the appropriate amount of water will increase your metabolism, boost your energy levels, curb your appetite, speed up your recovery, and help with proper nutrient delivery in your body!

Studies have also shown that drinking 16-20oz of water in a sitting also increases your body’s thermogenic response. That means drinking 16-20oz of water in a sitting will boost your natural metabolism by as much as 30%.

With all the benefits that water provides, don’t you want to make sure you are getting enough? Unfortunately, most of us don’t get nearly enough water to meet our minimum daily requirements.

So how much water should you drink? A good rule of thumb for active men and women is to get approximately of 100 oz. or more of water a day.

To help make sure I drink enough while I'm helping Randy with renovations, I keep a glass, notepad, and pen next to my filtered water container. Every time I drink a glass, I add a tick mark. My little water station is close to the bathroom, so yes, those little breaks happen at the same time. No excuses! Every 5 glasses or so I have to add some electrolytes.

Let’s get to it!!

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