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What a PB fit and chocolate chip binge looks like

60 years old hair color transformation

But first, I finally got my hair done today for the first time since October!!!! I have an amazing hair stylist named Danna. If you are ever in town, come on by to see her. Her daughter does nails. It's best to make an appointment but you can drop in. I usually drop in and make an appointment because Danna and Mekayla always make me smile. Their salon is called HairHouse and Nail Saloon.

Maybe I can stop wearing a ball cap for awhile now.

After I took my progress pictures in the App, I didn't even look at them. I binged out out PB fit peanut butter powder and chocolate chips. Who ever said I was perfect at my nutrition plan?? NOT!

I measured out them out and here are my macros after I was done:

macros for a 5 foot tall female

Haha, not bad! Now to save the day. The chocolate chips brought my carbs up for sure! I had run out of the stevia sweetened chips so these were the full sugar octane.

I had gotten up early and did the spin bike for 20 minutes before my hair appointment, Then came home and took my progress pictures which always stesses me out.

First, I had a healthy lunch and met with the professor online and did a bunch of homework and had more meetings.

Then I looked at my pictures and binged out on PB fit powder and chocolate chips, it was so good, but I needed a lot of water after all that sodium and my tummy is now pretty bloated.

Here's my pictures:

60 years old side body progress pictures

I back tracked to the last set in October when I last had my hair done. There is a difference in my pictures. It's very subtle but mainly it's around my waist and butt, there are some muscle lines coming in along the sides of my back, and the center divide is deeper. I am smaller, I can see it. My jeans are fitting better.