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Weight loss Success Story

Weight loss success picture

Here is a success story that continues as the days tick by. Notice her Day 1 is on January 4th. It's May. At the end of June we'll be halfway through this insane year of 2021. Everyone I talk to has many struggles during this difficult season in time around the world. I have my share too.

My friend Kim in the picture and I both learned the difficult lessons and horrible rebounding that happens when people eat at a calorie deficit too far below your TDEE. She has known me online for many years and contacted me early in the year to get control of her weight.

She really embraced the concept of knowing her TDEE and needing at least one gram of protein per goal body weight in pounds. She has been eating very consistently at about 1500 calories with approximately at least 150 grams of protein per day. She takes protein, collagen, and bone broth supplements, along with chicken, fish, and grass fed beef to keep her protein levels up. She also eats a huge variety of fruits and vegetables and includes some healthy fats in her diet. She also has sweet treats on occasion and eats up to her TDEE approximately one day a week, sometimes unplanned (hey, welcome to my world, it is OKAY). Since she is 5'8" her TDEE is approximately 1800-1900 calories.

She also gets adequate water in and exercises on a regular basis. Sleep could be better, but we do the best we can as mid life females, right. Me too on that, as well as nearly every mid life female I know.

She's lost 34 pounds this year due to her consistency with calories and not falling for the trap of eating at a crazy low deficit. The consistency for her is due to the fact that she keeps the calories at steady at approximately 1500 with 150 grams of protein. This is the key to weight loss success (calories and protein relative to TDEE).

I get many questions regarding TDEE and why I make the individual recommendations I make and why the various calorie calculators people find so varied? Well, I explain it in my very short video which I made yesterday. You can view the video by clicking the picture or this link to the video on GabTV. The links on this site only work in a web browser. Message me if you have problems viewing it or have questions about TDEE.

More than anything I'm super excited for Kim. She listened, she learned, and she's tracking her food in the 1st Phorm app, taking her measurement and weight regularly, and sends me weekly assessments. She asks questions and let's me know how she is doing. Her consistency in all these things is what is helping her lose weight on a consistent downward trend this year. It's not that she feels like it's working, or feels like planning her food and logging her food, or feels like taking her pictures, measurements, and doing her assessments. She just keeps doing the daily and weekly tasks, so the progress happens. It feels super slow to her, but just look, the progress is amazing. It doesn't seem like it week to week, but if you look back over the months especially back to January - there's the results!

If you are expecting to feel motivated, that's not going to be the trick. You'll have to continue to do the work it takes whether you feel like it or not. Most of the time we don't feel like it. We just do it. Plenty of people contacted me in January and said they would do it, but it turns out that they didn't feel like it and the time passed.

The time will keep passing. The time to do whatever it is that you need to do is now.


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