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⏱ Weekends are 30 % of your year

Happy Friday Team Nibbles-Fitness!

The weekend is upon us!

Even I follow the weekend game plan for myself. I'm not always able to get my movement in early, but it's PLANNED in. Later today I'll post inside the forum here about what I do today with that.

I can't lift weights, but I can do pushups, side planks, planks, air squats, wall squats, and a variety of things with resistance bands. I can swim, walk, hike, and ride a stationary bike. Not bad for two total hip replacements and a lumbar spine surgery a month ago.

It's easy to find excuses! Our house is under construction, it is always overwhelming and the projects are stacked up and will be going on for probably over a year. There is no room for giving up on our health. Randy and I are a team and sometimes it's one or the other reminding each of us to not let it go. It's kind of like a constant weekend for us because of the construction projects and constant clean up, and fitting in food prep and exercise and water and sleep.

Weekends are 30% of your year - what you do with those weekends’ matters.


The FALL CHALLENGE starts Monday! 10/10 - To enter all you have to do is upload photos in the app!

Do so ASAP! - You have until 11:59pm Monday to get your pics in! DON’T WAIT.

WEEKEND REMINDERS ⏱ Weekends are 30 % of your year How you use them in important

They can benefit you - use them to keep momentum forward

Or they will keep you where you are.

It's easy to let your foot off the gas and be lazy...

Do not settle this weekend!

This could be your biggest momentum winning the first weekend of Week 0.


- Track Your Food

- Hit Calories and Protein 🔥

- Drink Your Water 💦

- Move your body/weight resistance train🏋️

🚶🏽Walk for 45 minutes, 7 days a week

- Prioritize sleep💤

🍺 Track all your food - yes. Even alcohol



1. PRE-TRACK THE NIGHT BEFORE! - Plug everything you plan on eating that day into the app the night before, that way you can ensure you do not blow your macros out of the water.

- Check the Menu! Most restaurants post their menus online. Make the decision of what you plan on eating BEFORE you get to the restaurant and then track it into the app.

2. HIT PROTEIN EARLY - Set yourself up for success by planning to hit the bulk of your protein earlier in the day, leaving room for carbs and fats later in the evening - This will help you go out and be able to enjoy yourself and not have a bigger meal put you completely over

3. TRAIN EARLY Start your day by getting your movement in early! That way you can be fully present for the rest of the day!

Let's win the weekend! Let's keep fighting the good fight!

If you need anything, just let me know!

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