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We bide our time...

This was my view of our sunset last night. I was waiting in the truck with all our gear for Randy so that we could go work our Sheriff Patrol shift.

We volunteer for these Christmas shifts every year.

They wanted to feed us last night, and they had various pasta dishes, salad, bread and butter. It all looked amazing, and everyone said is was amazing, but I've recently had to go gluten free so I just had salad and some fruit.

I could tell by the looks, and a few comments, that some people probably thought I was following either a gluten free fad, or some other diet fat.

No one asked any more questions, and I didn't volunteer any explainations.

Sometimes we just need to bide our time.

We bide our time waiting for results on the scale.

We bide our time waiting for each semester to be done while we go through college.

And even when we appreciate the opportunity to serve our community, we bide our time when it's 30 degrees fahrenheit until we get to go home and warm by the fire and go to sleep.

Be bide our time each day, with the focus on the tasks at hand, and checking off the important boxes on our simple power list. If we don't have the list, it's super easy to get side tracked.

We bide our time, and when we look back at the day, we either got it done or we didn't.

If we did get the things done, great. We need to do it again tomorrow.

If we didn't get them done, well, we still need to find a way to do it tomorrow. We can't just say we'll get it done, we must really change something in our steps to make it happen and bump up the sense of urgency about it.

Many people won't understand your power list, or why it's important to you, or your sense of urgency about it.

You don't owe them any explainations. You just owe it to YOU.

You can bide your time and let them wonder. Most likely, all those people who didn't get me last night are not wasting any time thinking about me and whatever my food choices were all about.

They won't know that I was in so much pain earlier this year, that my leg throbbed at night trying to sleep, and I walked with a limp. Within two weeks of giving up my precious homemade sourdough I stopped walking with a limp. It didn't fix the problem, but it enabled me to function properly in spite of the problem.

I don't need to explain it to everyone. But I know that I wouldn't have been able to do that volunteer shift with Randy last night if I hadn't made those choices with food the last few months.

Here's the deal; I can either make the choice to enjoy the comfort of those foods which everyone else enjoys and walk with a limp and not live out every purpose in my life, OR I can make the hard choices, choice other foods which I also enjoy, and I get to enjoy doing things which are meaningful to me.

And I bide my time, living my life, and not having to explain to everyone who might not understand, and likely also make assumptions that are not true.

Does it really matter?

We bide our time...


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