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We are what we believe we are

We are what we believe we are

We are what we believe! It's true so it's really important to envision where you want to be if there is a problem you want to fix.

Don't call yourself fat, or weak, or whatever it is that you want to fix. It's just a problem to fix.

Anyone can fix a problem if they decide. I'm proving it right now in all aspects of my life by learning really hard technical skills as well as somehow continuing to remain fit with basically a broken back and arthritis all throughout my body.

Trust me, if I can do it anyone can do it. I assure you my biggest gift is being stubborn, lol.

I refuse to give up helping people in the App every day even though Randy shakes his head because it's really not "a great business decision", but I'm trying to make up for that by eventually getting a Mechatronics job where the skills are rare, valued, and compensated.

So, I'm here for you. I check my messages here every morning. I make a post every morning and follow up on all of your assessments. I check the Nibbles Fitness Forum for you posts and any messages there. It's what I do. I'm stubborn and won't give it up.

I might not have time to chase you down if you are unresponsive, but just like Lisa who was at the gym this morning and didn't know what a specific exercise was, I called her at the gym and that was the most efficient way to respond and I think it made her feel good.

I will always meet you halfway, but you have to meet me there. I can't do that for you.

My Nibbles Forum is very small and it's a great place to get support and interact with others. It only works when people step out of their own shell. It's like any relationship, it's a give and take. Others need support and affirmation just like you do. Everyone has a story. Everyone is precious in my book. Join the forum if you wish on, it can be accessed on a web browser desktop with the "forum" link really small at the very top. It can also be accessed quite easily with the Spaces mobile App by Wix (my website hosting company) using the "space" called Nibbles-Fitness


Sunday I'll go LIVE right here at the top of this web page at noon Pacific Time. You can comment and interact with me only during the live on a desktop web browser. The mobile App will show the live video but not the ability to text chat during the live.

Tomorrow I will talk about Heart Rate Zones because Gina asked me to. If you have anything you want me to talk about just let me know. You can message me, email me, or comment during the live if you are there.

Sunday's are when I do my assessments even though I have no coach helping me or cheering me on, and take my pictures and everything in weekly checklist in the dashboard of the 1st Phorm App. I don't ask you to do anything that I won't also find time to squeeze into my already busy schedule.

Alright, time for me to finish getting caught up with everyone, go for my bike ride, study, and stick to my meal plan.

The struggle is freakin real. We don't have the natural gift to be disciplined or smile all the time, but we can do it anyway!!

PS it's never to late to join me in the 1st Phorm App, I coach people in there all year long. They have recently updated some new features to easily make your meal plans, recipies, or log your food, or maybe you just want a new workout to try. They have every workout you can imagine, home or gym. Let's do this!

Happy Saturday!


Nibbles Fitness

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