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Ways to Hit Protein 🤓

Protein recommendations by size and picture of chicken with mountain scene table


PRE TRACKING or PRE PLANNING YOUR FOOD = Sitting down and entering what you are going to eat the day before to hit your macros and FUEL YOUR BODY.

You should do this the week in advance so you can meal prep and just follow a plan each day day. If you don't know the values in your head, then it's important to track and make a plan BEFORE you eat each day. If you just enter as you go, you will nearly always miss the mark. Who wants to miss all the time and never achieve their goals?

Also, you'll have to have an obsession about following your own plan. It's super easy to track and yet NOT EXACTLY FOLLOW the plan. You look at it on the screen or on paper and say "But I'm doing it and it's not working!! What is wrong with me." But if you are honest, all the little discrepancies here and there, they add up and you didn't really follow your own plan because of those things. They are easy to forget, it's like spending with a credit card and your mind plays a funny mental accounting game that isn't right.

I've been doing this so many years now, over a decade, that I do it in my head. It's how I live my live, it's just what I do. It MATTERS and it is always extremely important to me. I know the protein is making my body heal right now, and I think about that every moment. Even now, it's a very stressful time for me.

There are many things going wrong and Randy and I are calmly troubleshooting problems and taking care of things, but our lives are disrupted, but protein and calories ALWAYS matters. In fact, they matter more than ever when your life is disrupted! It's why you can't give up. I didn't "get" this for most of my life, neither did Randy, but we do get it now and no reason to go too far overboard just because things are not perfect!!

Let's talk PROTEIN 🥩🍗🍤🥜🌰🍳

You hear us say we need protein all of the time…. But why?!!?

Proteins are made of Amino Acids - building blocks of cells.They are essential, meaning our body does not make them and we HAVE to get them from our diet!

We are all made of cells - muscles, heart, lining of intestinal track, immune system, brain, etc Essential for 1,000 of reactions in the body - building cells, hair, skin, nails, hormones, and enzymes. Amino acids keep us in a muscle building/maintaining. Protein is not easily stored as fat since it is used to build your lean body mass.

Recommendations: Daily total: 1 gram per pound of goal body weight.

Men: 30-40 grams every 3-4 hours or per meal.

Women: 20-30 grams every 3-4 hours or per meal. For Anabolic Resistance (mid life females especially, over 30g per meal!)

Quality Food Examples: eggs/egg whites, chicken, turkey, beef, plain greek yogurt, cottage cheese, lean meats.

Higher fat & some protein: nuts/seeds, hummus, sausage, chicken thighs, cheese Higher carb & protein: edamame, tofu, nut butters

Level-1: sustained assimilation protein (slow digesting) - Meal/snack replacement - perfect for on the go - Great in protein coffee and baking! I’ve got recipes - Something you can use daily to hit protein goals no matter what your goal.

Phormula-1 : Whey Protein Isolate (rapid/quick digesting) - Designed for after a workout 💪🏻 - Extremely low lactose - great for those who are sensitive to lactose *paired with Ignition which is a post workout glucose that replenishes muscle glycogen (fuel) after a workout)

Level-1 Bars: protein bars for on the go!

If you need anything let me know!

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