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Sometimes just update your firmware!

When all else fails, update the firmware!

When your brain is spinning, update the firmware, or replace the bad memory with good memory. Have you ever had to do that? It's not an overnight process right?

I was thinking of this a lot at work yesterday. I was troubleshooting some boards which are like the heart and brain for the enclosure that holds these servers.​

A couple of these boards had "lost their head" and I thought they were dead. Well, not dead, but they made the whole machine useless. It made the red LED's flash and the fans run at high speed, it was super loud, like someone screaming.

The broken boards just needed me to upgrade the firmware, or in other words do a flash update to the memory. Then I was able to program it and make it work the way it's supposed to. Now the machine is happy.

We can do it a lot quicker with these machines compared to the memories in our brain.

But it's not impossible.

It may feel like your head is spinning, you can't think straight, or that you can't change. Or maybe like the machines all the lights are flashing and the fans are screaming! ha! In any case, it might feel impossible.

But that's a lie!

You just have to keep working at it.

It's very similar to years ago when I went through therapy to address childhood abuse. I had so much corrupt memory that I could not enjoy things that other people enjoyed. With help I continued to make new memories, which eventually overwrote the old memories enough that I could enjoy a few more things in life.

I know it doesn't fix everything! I know! But it can help you function better when you start creating new memories.

If you give up, you will miss out.

It's the same thing with changing habits in your life to make you a healthier person. Over time you'll overwrite the old habits. You won't be perfect, you will zig-zag a little, but you will continue to get better if you don't give up!

We are all a little tougher than we think, I believe you can do it!

Who will keep going with me?

I'm getting to know a few of you inside the members only forum and it's helping me to keep going, THANK YOU!

PS Randy and I were freezing in this warehouse. I'm wearing fleece lined jeans that are a little big. Who cares? I'm here to work, not make a fashion statement.

Troubleshooting problems keep my brain alive, just like we keep our muscles alive at the gym! I'm overwriting some memory in my brain that will help me continue to be a useful person in society. Does anyone else think that matters like I do?

I think it all matters with every last breath in our lives.

Let's keep going. Let's keep fighting the good fight.


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