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What is free and easy?

In this day and age it's easy to think 🤔 things are easy for others.

Like it's a magical gift.

You can look, and think, wow must be nice!

The truth is that nothing is free.

Nothing is easy.

When someone wants to give me a free meal, I can't help it, I think of the cost. Not just the cost of the food, or the time and labor to "get it here", or the time and effort of the chef, but the cost to my body for consuming all of the energy and ingredients, maybe even a few added chemicals since I don't really know the sources.

When I was a kid at Christmas a dinner it felt so magical and free.

As an adult who has helped produce that feeling of magic for others, young and old, we learn it's not free. It takes a lot of planning and work.

The person producing the meal and venue created it with elbow grease, grit, and discipline.

The beauty and the magic has it's place. I love 💘 it too.

I just know it's not free.

When I see the sketch artist 🎨 create a quick portrait of a person, it looks so easy for them. They spent years honing that amazing skill. It took many days of pressing through, when the artist didn't feel like doing the drills, over and over. It too grit, and ongoing efforts throughout all seasons of toy, tragedy, depression, anxiety, sickness and health. It might have even taken a college loan they actually paid back, or are still in the process of paying back.

It's not easy 😕

I've heard people say it's not fair that a person would have so many blessings 🙏. So much so that they would refuse to add to it in any way, not even kind words, and certainly not compensation for their asking to take or benefit from that skill.

Next time you think "Oh, that must be nice!"

Think again.

And if you want what they have, start learning to find your grit.

I'm finding some more grit right now, on my way to work to troubleshoot a difficult computer server problem.

I'm not perfect, but the work keeps me humble. It helps me keep my grit, and it keeps my brain neurons active and healthy. Everything about it helps me help others.

It reminds me that nothing is free and easy.

Happy Tuesday!


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