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Two weeks post-Op

The nurse came and took the staples out today, exactly two weeks now since I had the hip replacement surgery.

I'm starting the 1st Phorm Spring challege today to help me stay accountable to my best health!

61 year old fitness model

1st Phorm Spring Challenge

I'm also doing this because I walk this journey with everyone I help inside the 1st Phorm App.

I have a few expectations from you as well. Log your food consistently, or follow the meal plan. Do the workouts appropriate for you and your goals. Do your assessments and tell me something positive with each assessment. Make the time to chat with me on the phone. I want you to have the best success possible!

64 year old fitness model

My friend Lynne is 64 and is right here with me, she's ON IT with her macros and workouts, even though she is a busy nurse, wife, and mom. She says no excuses, yes it's hard but it's what she wants!

Lynne lives here in California and we'll celebrate later this year, in early August. I should be recovered enough to go on a hike and we'll stay at a cabin at Lake Tahoe for the weekend. It will be a Nibbles-Fitness retreat and if you can come to California at that time, you are welcome to join us. Just let me know!

You help ME stay accountable. We help each other out and we walk this journey together.

We are supporting each other in the private forum here on Nibbles-Fitness as well.

It's HARD! I know it. It's hard for me. Some days I eat a little too much because I'm worried, or stressed, or scared or in pain. Usually it's healthy food, but still, too many healthy calories gets stored as fat as well as any other calories.

I'm keeping my protein up, and that's helping my hip heal. The nurse said it looks really well today when she took out the staples.

One of the biggest challenges for me right now is not overdoing my Physical Therapy. I need to do just enough, not like my typical workouts. It's not enough to burn many calories.

So, it's super important that I stay on point, like REALLY ON POINT, with my protein yet a calorie ceiling.

I measured and weighed myself. I'm down one pound since surgery (currently 127 pounds, my waist and hips are the same as all year, but my right thigh is one inch bigger than my left. Now I know the scale weight isn't very meaningful, but it's an indication that I haven't gained body fat which is a relief to me!

I love the App for tracking all my fitness data! It's normal for our weight to fluctuate. Did you know that your liver alone, just doing it's normal functions, can cause your weight to fluctuate several pounds on any given day? The day-to-day weight isn't very useful, but the trend over time is very useful. My weight graph looks like it's all over the map, but that's only 3 pounds top-to-bottom. The 6 months trend is down in spite of all my physical issues. Today my hip is still retaining a lot of water due to inflammation from surgery.

PROTEIN is always the key!

Here's the soup I had for breakfast. Every meal for me must have 30 grams of protein, yet my cap is 1300 calories because I'm such a small 5 ft person and can't exercise!

I create the recipes in the 1st Phorm App and use them over and over. I have a few more recipes I'll share with everyone in the App.

Let's keep fighting the good fight!

Who's in it with me?

If you are new to this site, join me in the 1st Phorm App and send me a message right away. If you want me to give you a call, let me know your number and I will call, or send me a message and I'll send you my number.

Let's do it!!!!

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