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Time to grit up!

First lifting session in 3 weeks. Still a little weak, had to drop the amount, but it's okay. I'll probably be sore, but it's okay too. Covid didn't win. That's all that matters. Slowly putting my life back together after Covid took it all off my plate.

Shifting priorities more into "be ready" tactics. I was already for many years in that direction, stepping it up.

No one is coming to save us. It's up to us. Didn't Afghanistan open your eyes even more to that reality?

No one is coming to save us. It's up to us.

PS Yes, I already know about Jesus. That doesn't relieve us of our responsibility to work hard and sacrifice. We wait on the Lord, and we work hard at things while we wait. We don't sit on our butt waiting! I know some people won't like hearing this but it's time for us to grit up.

Let's go!

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