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Think you can't do something?

Think you can't do something in your life? Can't learn something? Can't do the calorie and macro thing? Can't build the lifestyle workout habit? Anything else? It's a lie.

No matter how many times you have tried and failed, I'm here for you. The door is always open. Recently I put together my spin bike that arrived in pieces. Many of my girlfriends said they would have waited for their husband to come home. They say "I'm not mechanically or technically gifted." or "I'm not good at that."

Neither am I. A few years ago I decided I wanted to take baby steps and learn how to help fix things. The spin bike was definitely more complicated than this Roman chair, but I used the same process:

➡️Do not rush

➡️Read the manual first

➡️Lay out all the parts

➡️Keep the nuts and bolts and such all organized in little piles, matching the numbering or lettering scheme given.

➡️ Find the right tools if they are available, even if they give you little baby wrenches. It's good to know where the tools are and they work better than the ones in the "kits". ➡️ Sometimes a little WD-40, just a dab, helps get some of the threads to work better.

➡️ Don't tighten everything right away, make sure everything fits, and then pay attention to the instructions as to when you should tighten the bolts or screws. It's best to systematically take the time to tighten things each a bit at a time, then go around again.

Take the time to do it right.

Sometimes the instructions don't make sense, so study them, do research, or sometimes just turns parts over and you see things that help it make sense on how it should fit with other parts.

Maybe some expert guys won't have to do all this, but those of us who are not "gifted" or don't have experience, this type of plan has been working for me. When you need help, ask for help.

Today, I was able to put this simple thing together without asking for help, but I did have to take time to figure some things out and find tools. I learn a new little tidbit each time.