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The Time Merchant and Post Workout Nutrition

My friend Katie and I buying ourselves a little more TIME.

This year as the surgeon and his team give me new titanium hips, more then hips, he's giving me TIME. Not just quality of life, that is an easy term to throw around, it's buying me more time to live a full life. More time to ride my bike, more time to swim, more time to hike and enjoy the outdoors.

It's not the only thing that buys me time. It's what I eat, how I sleep, what I do (exercise and movement for my physical body) as well as (study and keeping my brain alive with various forms of self improvement).

It's the supplements I take, and when I think of each one and what each one is for and why I'm taking it. They buy me a little more time. The post workout (both protein and carb) is another of those fountain of youth items and that's how I see it in my own mind. The years of lifting and the nutrition that goes with it are serving me well right now, even if I'm not at my peak during these years of hip replacement issues. It all is helping me get through it like a champ. It wasn't just luck. It's all these little things that give us an extra edge.

I've recently talked about workouts and intensity, weight training or resistance training, macros, carbs, fats, protein, and many people need to hear everything a few times before it actually sinks in. Post Workout nutrition is a definite and proven way to improve your recovery, strength, and even fat loss. If you want to know more about this send me a message and lets chat on the phone.

The basics are in the text below. PS that's me an my friend Katie, she's my fellow deputy friend at the Sheriff's department and we still hang out together and enjoy post workout nutrition!

🔥 It's been a while since I last talked about this; I want circle back and talk about post workout nutrition!

🔥 I know for me this is something that I did wrong for a long time and I also know most people do you incorrectly as well too! It's also an area that makes a huge difference immediately as soon as you do it correctly!

🚨 Post workout is the one time where supplementation may be more beneficial the whole food! And let me explain 🚨

It's important to understand what happens when we do weight resistance training or high intensity training (not steady state cardio)...

There are two things that go on: Our body depletes glycogen which is fuel stored within our muscles. Secondly our body will create microscopic tears within our muscle fibers.

So we are actually depleting energy and breaking down muscle tissue. Through time proper post workout and good nutrition our body will recover.

For an extra edge in giving your body exactly what it needs during post workout setting may be a way to optimize this process. This time period is called the anabolic window and I was super excited when I learned about it in nutrition college.

That is where I turned to two products to help provide solutions to the two things things happening and to give myself an extra edge both with muscle building and fat burning.


- A high Glycemic carbohydrate powder specifically designed to replenish glycogen. Ignition is made up of pure dexanhydrous glucose and water soluble vitamins which are specifically designed to give the body exactly what it is looking for post workout to replenish the energy we depleted. It absorbs quicker than any fruit or candy like they tried to do back in the day. I use this in combination with..


- A hydrolyzed whey protein isolate that rapidly assimilates meaning breaks down as soon as I drink it providing amino acids to the muscle to start the recovery process more quickly.

NOTE: Fullfilling the post workout anabolic window right after your workout will not work the same with out the Ignition (carb)! Feel free to message me if you want to chat more about why this is.

I use both of these in combination with each other because both products solve both problems that we run into when doing weight resistance training or HIIT. By using these you will instantly notice that you are less sore the next few days after work out, you feel more energized after your workout and you see optimal muscle building and fat burning results.

"How is Phormula-1 different from Level-1?" - Phormula-1 is a hydrolyzed whey protein isolate meaning that it is a rapid assimilation of proteins designed to break down as soon as you drink it! Level-1 is a Sustained Assimilation Protein, the design to mimic the digestion of a complete source of protein meeting that will break down much slower keeping you more full.

Both products are awesome; they are two different tools for two different situations! Phormula-1 is more beneficial in the post workout setting because of the fact that it breaks down so quickly whereas Level-1 is more beneficial throughout the day because of the fact it breaks down much slower keeping you more full and satisfied!

If you ever have any questions about post workout or anything else, let me know. If you want to walk this journey with me every day, I help people in the 1st Phorm App. Send me a message there right away when you join, and we can start right away no matter where you are at in the journey.

If you want to walk this journey with more support and with others in the Nibbles-Fitness private forum (for now it's FREE), you can read the victories and struggles of others and build some relationships by supporting others while they support you.

We all need to give a little of many things, to get a little more time; The Time Merchant. What are the things that buy you more precious time?

I LOVE all your messages, updates, and questions in the 1P App ... Getting back to you now!

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