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The Reds and the Greens...

When I told my doctor I was taking the reds and the greens in my supplement list, she was happy but she laughed because she never heard anyone call them that.

I love the reds and the greens!

I constantly think about what I'm putting in my body as I consume things throughout the day.

Just like I know removing the gluten caused a slight edge in reducing inflammation, enough to stop me from limping. Knowing this stops me from taking those tempting foods because I like walking without a limp!

The reds and the greens give a slight edge as well.

Not only do both the reds and greens help reduce inflammation but they both give me other added health benefits.

Less than 24% of adults ages 34-64 eat five or more servings of a variety of fruits and vegetables a day.

It's even harder to consume that much if you are on a meal plan for weight loss, which is a temporary deficit to reduce body fat.

The greens make me feel good when I take it in the morning, and it gives me energy. I mix mine with the L-carnitine and collagen. I will write about those in another post.

The Optigreens-50 have more than other greens products:

The Phyonutrient Complex helps with energy, detoxing our body, and blocking damage from carcinogens.

Digestive Enzyme and Probiotic Blend (1 billion CFU's) which helps with digestion, processing nutrients and fiber, promoting a healthy gut, and protecting the digestive tract lining from acid.

The Green Superfood Complex adds more protection from harmful toxins and aids in digestion of foods, and adds the benefits of superfood micro nutrients throughout our body.

The Glyemic Blend helps control blood sugar levels and helps fight off the excess of free radicals that cause damage. Having a stable blood sugar helps me have energy as well as utilizing energy instead of storing it as fat.

Both the reds and the greens are Vegan, Gluten Free, and Organic.

I love to take the Optireds-50 after my workout. I add a bit of stevia to mine and I look forward to taking it.

The reds give even more protection from oxidative stress, which is simply providing antioxidants to reduce the excess of free radicals.

The reds help keep my heart healthy and help with blood flow, and has anti-aging properties. It contains a antioxidant blend as well as a Digestive Aid Blend and Cardio Health Blend.

All of these things are very important to me, so Randy and I include them in our food budget.

Yesterday Randy asked me "So, if I eat a salad today do I still need to take the greens?" Yes! Yes! Yes! Always take the greens, every day!

The greens and reds are not a vegetable and fruit replacement. The add to my meal plan and they are a very important part of my meal plan every single day.

It's one small part of our health plan, and it's just as important as planning meals and planning gym time.

Christmas might be over, but I'm keeping the reds and greens all year!

Those of you who have tried these greens and reds, do you take them seperately like I do, or do you mix them together? Either way is fine. It doesn't matter when you take these during the day, as long as you take them every day!

Can't decide which one to get, and you can only get one? If keeping your digestion in it's best health is most important than Optigreens-50 is the best choice. If keeping your heart and cardio health is more important than Optireds-50 is for you.

Happy Sunday!


Nibbles Fitness

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