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The Old and the New

picture of old post office and woman at swimming pool

As we evolve, especially with these strange events in history, along with the evolution of aging and seasons of life, we have the old and the new.

We always have things we are disappointed in, change is hard, and we have new blessings if we look and listen, and for me that means spending time in God's love.

They recently closed the post office in Gold Run. We can only pick up mail in our boxes and packages in lockers with keys in our box sometimes between 6am and 6pm due to vandalism and theft at night. And the hours it was open on weekdays for sending things or doing buisness is completely closed now. It's all so disappointing, the end of an era in Gold Run that once had a wonderful running post office where we sometime met people who lived in our small little mountain town.

Yesterday I had errands to run, and I had to get to various businesses before they closed. I got some of my supplements from the homeopathic doctors office, and then used my modern google maps to find the closest post office. The first one near me in the old town of Auburn California no longer exsisted and I got stuck in a section with the roads blocked off.

So many businesses were closed, so sad. I selected the next one (shown in the picture) and found it. It was even smaller than the one in Gold Run (which is a way smaller town!), but like Gold Run, it only had one window.

No one was in there but an old guy on the phone. He finally told the person he had someone at the window again and they ended their conversation. He helped me send my package and chided me for needed to have some words written on it so it didn't get confusing down the road because of the postage rate paid. I laughed and said I'm from Gold Run and have been doing this for years and I they never told me, I guess they always took care of it for me, but see there, I learn something new every day.

I smiled and rolled with it. Life is much too short and precious to stress out about things like waiting in line like I had to do at the doctors office, to fix something they did wrong, or wait on this post master, or listen to his chiding.

Also, this little post office only took cash! Luckily I had a 20 that had been in my purse for probably years, just for an emergency. Now that I know the system, this will be my post office to do business from here on out, as long as I can get there by 4pm and I make sure to bring cash with me. It was such a cute old building inside as well as outside.

I had one more errand, I went to Ross to pick up some thiings to spruce up our bedroom, some baskets with lits to store things and they look neat spread around, a couple fuzzy rugs that feel good when we get up in our bare feet, and a picture to hang above our bed. I like Ross for cute little things for the home for very low prices.

Then I was able to go swimming! The new blessing in my life, when other things were taken away.

I was really tired and didn't feel like getting started, just like any other workout. When I was done and took a hot shower, it felt so good. But I needed food and was super hungry! I just had to make it home, another 30 minutes to drive.

I went home and had dinner with Randy, even though we ate different foods. We put a fresh take and bake loaf of bread in the oven. I heated up vegetables and roast beef for him, and I had egg whites with some leftover marinara topped on it, and a sprinke of cheese, it was delicious.

Then we both shared some bread with butter together. For me, it all added up to make my calories and macros perfect for today's goal, and the amounts were carefully planned out ahead, before I ate. If we don't PLAN, we miss the mark.

If we want to achieve our goals, we must plan yet also roll with it a little as I had to do with many things today, and in this season of my life.

A little of the old, and a little of the new, always evolving.

Do you find you must do the same thing? It's hard isn't it?

Love you all my Nibbles people. I'm always here for you. You can come and go as you please, I'm always here. I proved it by being here every day I thought I was dying from Covid. This season taught me so much.

The old and the new.

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