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The magic of Time

beautiful mountain view and french fries

Living life, including managing your calories and fitness and health, is an art, not a forumla. You have some guidelines, TDEE and protein are crucial. If you embark on a diet without knowing these, you are still shooting in the dark.

Documenting is a pain, but a good journal is how you learn the art of listening to your body and what it needs. All good things take effort, the more you effort you put into the art of sculpting your body, including documenting all the trials and errors, the better your results.

If you give up on the effort to learn, it's like the sculpter learning her craft, the project will sit unfinished on the table until she brings it back to life. If you think other things are more important and you don't have time, well, there you go.

The sculpture wasn't important enough for you to document and learn, so there she sits, while the time ticks away each day. The magic of time is knowing that it's NOW, not when this or that gets finished first.

You might think, when the kids are grown, when this project is done, when you retire, whatever it is, it is not what buys you time. Life always finds a way to fill your day with problems that need solving. Roll up your sleeves, the time is now.

What will you do to bring her back to life?

I'm in the 1st Phorm App if you want to join me there to start learning this art. Message me if you want more information.

It is yet another glorious day to make good choices!


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