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The Great Reset

basket of vegetables from the garden

Randy and I are working on things around the property to help us save it when disaster strikes. This lead to me calling my neighbor, to find a number of a mutual friend we can hire to do some work we can't do ourselves.

Our neighbors are precious. We have two houses near us, walking distance, but complete privacy due to hills and forest.

The one with the garden, and the other I've posted about with the swimming pool I occasionally swim in with the fantastic view. We all get along, that is more precious than gold.

It turns out we all had Covid at about the same time, with similar symptoms. Since I was so busy studying on the CompTIA A+ exam, I didn't go anywhere except the post office and grocery store for a couple weeks before I got sick. It took the test, felt a little off that day, and the next morning, BOOM! Down for the count.

So I either got it from the post office (which was always empty of people, but there's the door knob) or grocery store where of course there are always people and everything in the store has had multiple handlers just getting put on the shelves.

Anyway, we all survived. I talked a long time on the phone with my neighbor and she invited me up to pick vegetables, which I finally did last night. What a beautiful basket.

Then I spent hours with her teaching her how to make a meal plan, and why protein is important, and TDEE, and RMR, etc. She wants to lose just a little weight. And I helped her with the numbers for her husband to gain a little weight.

He was recently the victim in an incident where we was attacked at the church by a murderer with a gun, the guy hit him with the gun (our Sheriff team caught him - it was all in the news recently - Gold Run, at the church, etc) Anyway, he had his mouth wired shut due to the injury and couldn't eat solid food and lost a lot of weight and now needs to gain some back.

It made me feel good that I could help them and they were such good students taking notes on how to make a meal plan and WHY the macros and caloires matter, and TDEE, etc. Dang, that felt wonderful to help! That attacking incident and Covid were resets for them, the same way it was a reset for Randy and I.

I've change my priorties and I need to spend less time online, and more time on specific tasks that help us survive the future. I've decided to delete LinkedIn and only focus on the forum here and the 1st Phorm App which are both private, and I'll post sometimes out on my blog here on Nibbles Fitness like right now. There are many of you who stop by and read often and I appreciate you as real friends and you matter to me. THANK YOU for letting me know, especally how much you all cared while I was sick.

Even though I get a lot of attention on LinkedIn, I feel it's not all genuine and there are creepy things and too many things a waste of my time. I might not get the few new friends in the App and here anymore, but so be it. People who want to find me, or friends you suggest to come here, will find me through word of mouth and not social media.

I love posting my workouts on Strava and seeing my friends who do, I'll keep that, becsides I've subscribed and it's a great place to track my progress with my Garmin watch.

Even though I don't get a lot of attention here in the forum or on my blog, I have a lot of people who read regularly, and those people matter to me and are real friends.

So I just have to continue to push aside the feelings that I'm writing to the black sea, and remember that people have told me they really read, and once in a while take a moment to let me know. The best way you can support me is to like and comment on my blog when you can.

I'll be helping my friend with her garden, I told her I want to learn and she can put me to work. What an amazing opportunity. As she was giving me things in the basket, I told her I can't eat leafy greens (although I LOVE them!) because my iron is so high that it's effecting my liver function. So she said, then next year let's think of some things we can plant that you CAN have.

What a beautiful partnership we can have doing this garden together. She's been doing it a long time, has a little green house, and everything on raised beds with a barrier to prevent the gophers. She has learned so much over the years, how to rotate the crops, all organic, etc.

I'm learning what not to do that pinches my sciatic nerves. Not working out due to Covid helped me, because I wasn't hurting much, because I wasn't working out. My upper body is so strong and all all have at home are dumbbells and a bench. I realize now what hurts me is setting up the weights and bench, and putting them back, not the actually exercise (pullovers, bench press, etc) The other day at the gym I did everything with the cables and racks, no bringing over heavy dumbbells to a bench and all is fine - no limping around or sudden throbbing pains at 3am!!

Swimming and biking is still the best thing for me.

So that's what's up for me. I'm going to take my pictures in the App today, and I'm feeling a little off due to lingering effects of Covid and as much as I want to go to the gym, I might need to rest. I had a tummy ache all night and I feel kind of weak today, I went to bed feeling a little weak, it's not gone after sleeping but my tummy is a little better.

I will continue to post here and in the 1st Phorm App, and this is where people can always find me. You are welcome to send me a chat message here on the website any time.

Love you all ❤

Let's keep fighting!

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