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The Fat Ass instead of the Bad Ass

When I gradutated from the police academy I thought I was going to be a Bad Ass cop chick. The opposite of my dream happened, and I got called a Fat Ass instead.

We can use our bad experiences to fuel our passion, but you have to tune out the negative thoughts in your head. 

You are not fat, you have fat, it's a problem to fix. You are not fingernails, you have fingernails. 

When I had all that weight to lose, I didn't tell anyone what I needed to do except Randy.  Over three years, he helped me fix the problem.  I didn't discuss it with anyone else or give them an opening to argue with me about the process I was using to "fix the problem".  I was determined, but it was lonely.

I think it's better when you have a community where people can help you and support you. I learned that back in the day in another forum during the time I lost the last 17 pounds.

That's why I now have the Nibbles Fitness forum.

I actually had a dream of being a "fitness person" since I was 19, I didn't really know exactly what that meant other than I wanted to be healthy and fit and strong and do things that used my strength.  I never achieved what I wanted with my fitness level until age 50. Over the years I ran and lifted weights, I practiced martial arts, ran marathons, hiked, skied, and biked.

Over the decades the weight piled on. I kept on working out harder and harder thinking I would lose the weight but it kept growing. I tried diets, lost, then gained, lost, then gained, the typical yo-yo story.

At age 48 I finally reached my peak of 197 lbs. at barely over 5' tall. I had chronic back pain and thyroid and adrenal fatigue. I kept

working out and running one marathon after the next thinking maybe this time it will work. Nope, the weight stayed on.

Everyone told me to give up; this is what happens when you get older.

I never gave up. It really was a matter of learning to eat the right amount of food for my small size.

I've always enjoyed healthy food, but too much food is too much food, even when you don't spend your time pigging out and you exercise it is hard to recognize too much food.  

Serving sizes are generally too big for a person as tiny as myself and in general there is far too much high calorie foods in constant abundance and we have to learn to say no to so much food all the time.

I basically reverse engineered all the diets that worked and came up with my own meal plans. I did not track, it was all about portion control and macros and it was not luck.

I knew the daily plan, and I mostly just followed the plan. I had the choices of small meals I had designed, and I knew the meals and the amounts that worked over time. I just followed my own meal plans.

I am a retired software engineer after a 25 year career at Hewlett-Packard. Since I don't believe in retirement I put myself through the Police Academy at age 45.  I was still over weight but strong and did well. I applied and was hired as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff (volunteer).  I currently still serve at Placer County Sheriff and will continue to as long as I am physically able. 

Right after I was hired my weight ballooned up to the level of the obese category for my

height, to my absolute horror. I had to get bigger pants and a bigger belt!

Here I was running marathons and lifting weights, and had finished the academy and thought I was going be a cool bad ass cop chick and this happened instead... I got called a fat ass by someone I had arrested and was taking to jail.

It was the last straw for me, and in fact it happened while my patrol partner and I were taking to the guy to jail.

Not only did the guy call me a "fat ass" the

whole time in the patrol car, but the hours we spent in the over flowing jail booking room in front of officers from every agency in the county.

It was so freakin embarassing I wanted to cry. I had to keep doing my job and I had to focus. I couldn't say anything in retailation because part of the job.

The hard part was that in my mind I knew what he said was true and it was


So I enlisted the help of my husband and spent three years hunkering down with diet while still keeping up with my exercise.

It took that long for me to lose 85 pounds. It's a long tedious process I never want to repeat.

So, I finally got my dream almost 10 years ago as well as many other dreams.

Losing the weight, empowered my life with health benefits and opportunity.

We have to work at keeping our dreams with a little work every day, just like the little bit of work we did each day to achieve the dream.

So, that's what I do. I can help and I can invite you to a community where you can get support.

Simply send me a message and I'll help you get started.

Let's make this #transformationtuesday the best one ever, in spite of anything going on in the world. Your health still matters. It always did and it still does!

Let's do this!


Nibbles Fitness

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