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The Fat Ass instead of the Bad Ass

When I gradutated from the police academy I thought I was going to be a Bad Ass cop chick. The opposite of my dream happened, and I got called a Fat Ass instead.

We can use our bad experiences to fuel our passion, but you have to tune out the negative thoughts in your head. 

You are not fat, you have fat, it's a problem to fix. You are not fingernails, you have fingernails. 

When I had all that weight to lose, I didn't tell anyone what I needed to do except Randy.  Over three years, he helped me fix the problem.  I didn't discuss it with anyone else or give them an opening to argue with me about the process I was using to "fix the problem".  I was determined, but it was lonely.

I think it's better when you have a community where people can help you and support you. I learned that back in the day in another forum during the time I lost the last 17 pounds.

That's why I now have the Nibbles Fitness forum.

I actually had a dream of being a "fitness person" since I was 19, I didn't really know exactly what that meant other than I wanted to be healthy and fit and strong and do things that used my strength.  I never achieved what I wanted with my fitness level until age 50. Over the years I ran and lifted weights, I practiced martial arts, ran marathons, hiked, skied, and biked.

Over the decades the weight piled on. I kept on working out harder and harder thinking I would lose the weight but it kept growing. I tried diets, lost, then gained, lost, then gained, the typical yo-yo story.

At age 48 I finally reached my peak of 197 lbs. at barely over 5' tall. I had chronic back pain and thyroid and adrenal fatigue. I kept

working out and running one marathon after the next thinking maybe this time it will work. Nope, the weight stayed on.

Everyone told me to give up; this is what happens when you get older.