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Recipe Exchange @ 9pm!

The Fall $50k Challenge starts!

It doesn't matter who you are, how far you have to go, whether I've helped you in the past or never at all, you are welcome to join.

No purchase is required, just take your pictures in the free version of the App and make the changes happen. If you know what to do, just do it!

Install the App with my coach link so that you get me as your coach. If something goes wrong with assigning you as my coach, contact me right away so we can fix it.

If you need help with your plan, simply subscribe to the App for about $3 a month and text me in there.

It's 100% private between you and me. No one is going to blast you out on the internet without your permission.

If you WIN, you are contacted and your permission is requested for you to WIN. If you don't want to win and accept the $50k, that's fine too.

It'll all stay between you and me, and I know what it's like:

I'm there in the App, every day, rain, shine, or snow, in sickness and in health...

Yep, here I am with Covid. I didn't feel like feel like fixing my hair or putting makeup on, so yah the sunglasses. Whatever! I got it done, and then crawled back under the covers.

I help all people, no matter what your goal is.

If you want someone who will always be here for you for thick and thin, all you have to do is message me. Do not be afraid. No question is dumb. I love it when people check in and say Hi. I worry when people don't.

We all have a life to live. We all have to choose what is important and what isn't. Life isn't easy, for any of us. Right now is particularly hard. The pressures are on all of us. Health is our most important asset.

So, if you want in on the challege, or just want private help in the App without being in the challenge, join and stay in contact with me in the 1st Phorm App. Send me a text in the App right away, I'll always respond. Always!

Let's go!


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