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The day after ...

Not only is it the day after Christmas, but for me it's the day after my last cup of coffee for awhile.

My doctor thinks it's a good idea for me to quit coffee and caffeine for health reasons, so here I go. I've done this many times, so I know I can do it.

Lea asked in a comment for tea suggestions. Lea, I don't know if you will like any of these, but they are my favorites.

I also like some ginger herbal teas; ginger, ginger lemon, ginger turmeric, and vermont maple ginger all not pictured.

Today I'm drinking the TAZO awake english breakfast tea, which is delicious, but it has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee so I won't be drinking it again except on rare occasions.

Tomorrow I'll start on the herbal teas. If I really need it the next few days I'll dunk a black tea back in just a couple times to get a slight bit of caffeine to ward off the physical effects of weaning off caffeine.

Since I've done this drill before, I know I'll feel better each week and in about three weeks or so I'll have my natural energy level back to normal. I will also have the beneifits of not having the caffeine adding to the other things already hammering my intestines.

The Kirkland green tea (the packet in the picture) is delicious, but it also has a little caffeine so I'll only drink it on occasion.

The French Vanilla tea in the picture is decaffeniated black tea.

The rest of the teas in the picture are herbal teas:

Celestial Pepperment

Celestial Bengal Spice

Celestial Raspberry

Stash Licorice Spice

Stash Acai Berry

Bigelow Blueberry & Aloe

Twinings Buttermint

Good Earth Sweet & Spicy

I have a pretty good supply of tea here, but I think I'll eventually start finding some loose leaf teas. A friend had a travel cup made for french press coffee, but she uses it for tea instead. That seems like a great ideal. I would have to really like the cup. I'm particular about my cup, I like the quality and feel of a nice ceramic cup with no plastic, and I want it to be pretty.

But like the flavor of tea, what is pretty, what has a good feel and texture? That is all in the eye and taste of the beholder, right?

I sweeten my tea with stevia. I use the Now brand Better Stevia because it's pure stevia and it doesn't have the bitter taste that other pure stevia brands have.

Maybe you might like at least one of the teas that I like Lea.

Is anyone else particular about their coffee or tea cup which might be part of a daily ritual?

Happy Saturday after Christmas 2020!


Nibbles Fitness

PS I don't think drinking coffee is bad, I wrote about it on the Corporate Hippie Connection "Is Coffee Good Or Bad For You?

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