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The daily power list continues

I lost 85 pounds 10 years ago. It took 3 years of trusting the process.

That means three years of doing my power list.

That means another ten years of doing my power list.

I still have to do the process today. The biggest reason people rebound is because they stop doing the process that brought them success.

When you are happy with success, it's easy to think you no longer have to do the tedious little daily tasks, but that's a lie. Go ahead, stop doing them, and gradually you start slipping backwards.

Some of the tedious unexciting things on my list do include supplements.

I don't always FEEL like taking them, or including them in my food budget. Yes, I would rather get a new pair of jeans, or something else much more FUN!

Take this green tea for example. It's part of the food budget too. It brings me comfort, and it's something I can have when I think I'm hungry but I really don't need the extra serving of food. It also gives me a few more antioxidants which are needed to combat the free radicals your body produces just from eating a meal.

Antioxidants are what negate free radicals your body produces under stress. Even after you eat, your body produces free radicals.

The production of free radicals is a normal process in the body, which antioxidants takes care of. The problem is that there is more stress in modern life causing more free radicals, and people consume less antioxidants, creating an imbalance that leads to many health issues.

Antioxidant content is measured using the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale.  ORAC values tend to be highest for spices and berries.

I wrote a little more about this inside the members only forum on the Nibbles Fitness site, on my daily Macros Accountability post in there.

This is why I take the Opti-greens 50 and Opti-reds 50, and the Micro Factor packets every day, along with lots of herbal and green tea, and a few vegetables and fruits. If I tried to get everything from whole foods in order to get the 8000 ORAC units I need, it would be too many calories to keep my level of fitness.

The 50 in the Opti products stand for 50 different antioxidants, each for the green and red varieties.

I want to be healthy as well as lean and fit, is there anything wrong with that?

Like I said in yesterday's blog, it doesn't matter what others think, they don't know the issues in my life, they are not walking in my shoes, and I'm here right now, doing what my purpose is because of all the little choices.

If I stop the little things I do daily, then I lose my purpose. So all the little tedious things on my little power list always matter.

Always, even Christmas week!

Merry Christmas!


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