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The battle of feeling helpless

Randy and I lost a couple more friends this week. Friday I'm going to a life celebration for someone we lost who is far too young.

The world is spinning all around us, and it can make us feel so hopeless.

It made Randy and I realize we must put all the more focus on our health. We are adament about making sure our food budget includes the vitamins and supplements we need to keep our immune system strong.

There are so many aspects to this. Protein is just one aspect, but it's a big one. I wrote a little about protein recently and how we need to "Count Them Out!"

You may just feel like eating what you are in the mood for, and not "feel" like making the focus on protein meals, but making your meals protein centric can help your health far more than you realize.

Why is protein so important?

As we age (over 40) our bodies develop anabolic resistance. This means we need a little more protein, and it's even more important that we consume it to keep our health.

Protein is just a bunch of amino acids. There are non-essential amino acids that your body manufactures, but then there are essential amino acids that you can only get from food.

Then there are BCAA's which are 3 of the essential amino acids that are key to helping build the proteins in your body, along with the other amino acids.

It's not just muscle (which happens a huge part of your body whether you want to be "muscley" or not), it's hair, skin, organs, tendons, bones, teeth, etc. Your whole body is made up of various proteins, put together by the amino acids which are the building blocks for all protein.

Your body constantly sheds and rebuilds all the proteins, every day, all day, even when you sleep. This is called protein turnover in the body.