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Surviving Storms and Happy New Year!

California snow sierra nevada

My last post was Christmas day, literally the calm before the storm. The next day it started snowing, the power went out, and it snowed like crazy for days on end!

california snow solar panels sierra nevada

Here is another shot from another small break in the storm one crisp cold morning.

survival food workout at home macros

I managed to keep up with workouts, and use the food I had in my freezer and fridge to keep my macro plan going!

digging a path in the snow california

Randy dug a path to the wood pile, the garage with fuel for the generator, and a path to the barn where tools and food for the kitties are stored.

My first day outdoors walking with my poor hips. I so wished I could help Randy and I appreciate all the work he does to keep our home safe and warm. His workouts were all about keeping the wood for the stove stocked up, fuel for the generator, and setting things up and monitoring the solar panels, battery bank, and electrical loads in the house. Even with those resources available, the energy has to be managed and appliances run in specific blocks of time.

quick meal with backpacking stove and custom workout

We learn to take what food is available and make up our own little fun concoctions. I mostly ate things that I could heat up into a little soup using the little backpack stove which comes in handly when wanting to keep the electrical load to a minimum while the battery bank charges up.

The temperature drops into the 20's Fahrenheit at night, so we wheel the generator into the house to keep parts from freezing. We also have to drape a blanket over it to keep some of the Scottish Folds from chewing on the cables (It seems to be a "fold" thing).

Today is December 31st. The last day of the year! My workout last night with Randy was a little different, but I was so happy to get outside and work. I was happy to be useful! It was dark most of the time that we worked, but we learn that our eyes can adjust to the darkness and we were able to see well enough without external lights.

There were breaks in the clouds and the moon and stars were so beautiful. There is nothing like being up in the mountains and having such a clear view of the sky, not dulled by the lights of a city. It was brighter than ever with the power outage and no lights at all for many miles even in the small mountain towns.

workout digging out snow

There's the workout. I took the pictures this morning, my first venture out into the real world. I only worked for two hours last night, while Randy worked for about 5 hours. I really wanted to help, and my hard work in the gym all year with upper body lifting are what enabled me to be able to help last night. Randy was really impressed, he said I'm pretty tough! My hips really hurt by the end of the night and I went straight to bed after cleaning up and having a little protein snack.

My hips still hurt today, but it was so worth it to be a team with Randy last night. I have no regrets. My hips will be fixed soon enough.

By this time next year my life will be totally different with new hips. The journey through that will be long and tedious, and I'll need to muster up the positive attitude to still with the grind of that. I'll have those in the Nibbles Fitness Forum and those in the 1st Phorm App with me, and we'll all walk our individual journey's together. I appreciate all of you so much, especially those who participate actively in the forum and stay active with me in the 1st Phorm App. I love the daily messages back and forth, and reading your stories in the forum, and watching Mendy's workout group and cheering everyone on.

After all that work to get out today, I got to the lab to have my Pre-Op blood work done... fasted, no coffee, etc, with my head raging and it was closed for New Years Eve! I will have to repeat this drill on January 3rd.

So, first thing I did was head to one of my favorite grocery stores for coffee and food.

quick macros store bought meals

Look what I found at the store! haha! It wasn't the healtiest, but I did get my protein up high enough to combat anabolic resistance.

I don't keep cookies available at home. Randy has some treats but I've asked him to keep them in the basement freezer buried at the bottom. I won't be able to get down to the basement with my hip ordeal going on, so that helps me stay away from there.

My favorite way to enjoy these treats are hit and run like this. I get my protein in first, and that slows down the insulin response. I also didn't consume a lot of other carbs, just the cookie, just for this rare treat meal.

Now my headache is gone, my body is fueled, and I can head to the gym and do what I can. Doing what I can has helped me all year. All those dark days of not giving up.

On January 1st I could barely do pushups, I couldn't really do pullups, and I certainly could not bench press much. I pushed my way through this year and gradually got my strength up to what it was when I could do full body workouts a few years ago. All of that is exactly what empowered me to be able to help Randy dig that path out last night.

While the lab was closed, the effort and the trip out was a true victory. I haven't been out in the real world since several days before Christmas. It feels good to be out and about.

It's New Years Eve, the last day of the year.

I'll be happy to go workout and take a hot shower before heading home where there is still no power and we'll continue our off-grid lifestyle for as long as needed.

Stay healthy and safe everyone, and Happy New Year!!!


PS A new challege will start in the 1st Phorm App in mid January. I'll continue to support everyone in there individually. As a group I'll support and help everyone active in the Nibbles Fitness Forum - and people are welcome there for free whether you receive coaching for me in the 1st Phorm App or not.

The Nibbles Fitness forum is free for anyone who introduces yourself to me and let's me know who you are. I will not approve memberships requested where people don't introduce themselves to me, because I want to keep it a safe place.

Message me if you are interested in the Forum or Coaching in the 1st Phorm Fitness App.

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