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Supplements to Aid in Fat Loss

fitness app supplements to aid in fat loss

Tuesday Education: 1Db-Fastpack

Happy Tuesday Team Nibbles Fitness!

Yesterday I wrote about “Why diets fail” and gave some good links to help anyone start troubleshooting. It’s such a complicated subject, right? There is no one size fits all answer and even for you as an individual it will change with the seasons of your life. That makes it so hard!

Today’s live stream video is about “Supplements to Aid in Fat Loss” which includes the 1DB Fastpack and others, and explains why each supplement helps. What I love about the live streams is that YOU get to ask questions live, and get answers from nutritionists and other expert diet and fitness coaches at 1st Phorm HQ where they really do care about getting you the best results possible. Go ahead, ask a question during the live sometimes. I love seeing my Nibbles Fitness people in there getting the answers they need.

Today's livestream talks about other products that aid in fat loss that I didn't write about here today, but I'm happy to answer questions about those as well. Just send me a message and we can chat if you wish.


- Due once a week. Just do it!


- Every morning Monday through Friday @9am Central time

- Today was “Supplements to Aid in Fat Loss”

🔥 1Db Fastpack 🔥

Opti-Greens 50 🥬

- Helps provide our body the nutrients it needs to optimize our gut health. Gut health plays a MAJOR role in our digestion, cravings and ability to effectively burn fat!

- Most people struggle with cravings, bloating and feeling lethargic due to poor gut health from unhealthy lifestyle habits. Opti Greens 50 help give our body what it needs to fix these issues at the root cause and set ourselves up for long term weight loss success.

Thyro-Drive ⚒️

- Provides our body with the nutrients it needs to help support a healthy Thyroid function.

- The thyroid plays a key role in our ability to metabolize fat for energy, and once again, most people do not have their thyroid working on an optimal level due to poor lifestyle habits. We need to give our body the nutrients, it needs to optimize our thyroid will help our body burn fat more efficiently 👊🏼

- THYRO DRIVE also contains chromium, which plays a key role in helping to balance blood sugar. This helps with regulating cravings as well as overall natural energy.

DB Overdrive:

- Helps with overall calorie burning, reducing cravings and providing a smooth focused based energy. Has a bit more kick than the Goddess.

DB Goddess:

- It does everything as the DB Overdrive, it is just a little dialed back on the kick (energy)

- It has key ingredients that help to regulate female hormones. Help balance mood, cravings, water retention and other symptoms from natural monthly cycles.

The Fastpack System is NOT MAGIC


But if you are doing what you need to be doing, consistently, this product makes a HUGE difference in helping you see the best results possible!

Question: Should I use this with my thyroid medication?

Answer: NO, any questions along the lines of taking with other medication you are prescribed to take talk with your doctor!

If you have any questions about the Fastpack, or if you are currently using another product for weight loss and want to know how to take it the best way possible... send me a message and let’s chat!

I am here to make sure that no matter what, YOU get the best results possible.

window view snow and sleet in california
A view from my desk this morning. Snow and Sleet! Yes, this is California!

Like many of you, I struggle with the cold days. It’s been snow and sleet here, and the days are short, and I’m hungry more! Sometimes I need a little of the DB Fastpack to help me out, there is no shame in that. It’s best used consistently for a period of time, maybe a season where we just need that extra edge to help us get the best results possible.

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