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Sunshine and New Hope

It's January 2nd, the grid power is still down, but life is starting to feel normal this way. It's better when the sun is shining and those panels down there come to life, charging up the battery bank.

Last night was the the first time during this outage we were able to take quick showers without the generator. It's still very cold and the ice is hard as a rock and slippery. This morning I'm finally running a load of laundry as the sunbeams hit the panels. When that is done, I'll run the dishwasher and hang the small load out on the line and hope there is enough sun to dry them by the end of daylight today.

beautiful mountain sunset

The sunset last night was beautiful. Cold and crisp and clear. You can't tell from the picture but we could see the outline of the coastal range over 100 miles away.

I know it will be a hard year, but it's a year of hope. There are many things we can't control and can't fix, so we must roll with it somewhat, prepare, be ready, yet stand our ground on some things, come what may.

No one can take away what God promises us. Even though things are hard, I seem to go about my busines with more calmness than ever before. I think this simply comes with life experience, practicing gratitude, and meditating on God's promise to me, as well as learning to focus on breathing and my body, while letting thoughts go. Simply acknowledging thoughts and feelings, but letting them go, just breathing and feeling the breath go in and out of my body.

"If we go through trials with thankfulness and praise to God, He promises to bring good things despite them. He says to "count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience" (James 1:2-3).

Maybe that's how over time this very impatient "Right Now! Babe", as Randy called me so many years ago, developed some patience. Even regarding this year and my both hope and dread of getting new hips, I'm biding my time. I don't feel like rushing any day or period of time. I really just want to allow God to teach me more each day. To experience whatever I'm to learn at whatever pace is best to become the most refined person God wants me to be.

And so, I'll appreciate the blessings this glorious day, counting all blessings in spite of what the world is trying to throw at me. I want to be that person who didn't let the pain and lack of mobility allow myself to use an excuse to not be a good steward to my body as God asks of me.

You know, we celebrate the losing control of our body, and give the big prizes to those who lose X amount of pounds because they let themselves go. I'm happy that they get the reward, because what they did was HARD, and that gift was meant for them. I want them to have that.

But my reward will be a different one, not celebrated in that way. A quiet celebration between me and God, knowing that I kept my faith. It doesn't make me any better or worse than those who lost control. It simply allows me to be in a deeper place with God, and maybe helps shine a light to others that they can also do the same if they choose.

It's just one little tiny step at a time. Just like I'll have to do after my surgeries. Setting the alarm for each waking hour, getting up to do the PT followed by an ice pack. Hour after hour, day after day, week after week, biding my time. There is no rushing. There is merely just doing the little tiny steps every day, finding the blessings of the day, and seeing small progress from one day to the next.

Do you also have hope and patience for the new year, new blessings, and new life? Please share when you can, because it helps others more than you could possible know. Your story is just as important as anyone elses. God gives us all a story, some of it we can write with our own choices - He gives us that too. Choices. Choices that we need to make ourselves and that no one else can do for us.

Age 60 fitness female, fitness coach and App Link

I did not feel like taking my picture yesterday, but I'm setting the tone for the new year. All year long, I can go into the 1st Phorm App and see my pictures, and the memories of the day will come flooding back. It reminds me of all that I was thinking and feeling in that moment. It reminds me of God's promise to me. It reminds me of new hope and not rushing through the trials.

It reminds me of the rewards of doing things when I didn't feel like it. Like this day on January 1st, 2020, when it was cold and it was the only place to take my picture. The scene behind me is better than all the furniture inside, and I couldn't get to the room above the barn (where I have my little light and tripod setup, with an uncluttered background). The ice on the path to the barn was just too treacherous for my poor hips.

The DEADLINE for this winter fitness challenge in the 1st Phorm App is January 10th. Anyone who wants in, I will welcome you on my Nibbles Fitness team and help you in any way I can. I am a volunteer coach in the App, and you won't find a more dedicated coach to help you all along the way. All you have to do is join and send me a message in the App and we can get started. EVERY TIME you message me, I respond. God gave me this gift, and I've honed it over many years. I'm there for you, if you meet me there. I can't do anything for you, but I can walk with you when YOU put in the little steps every day. Just like I have to do myself. Message me here in the chat if you have questions, or if you know you are ready for this DOWNLOAD the 1P App and send me a message in there and let's do this!

Happy New Year!


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