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Sunday Prep☀️ and time change

simple at home workout equipment

What's up Team Nibbles Fitness!

BRING ON WEEK 5! 🔥 (for those of you in the fall challenge)

I REALLY HOPE I have helped give you hope to really go all in on yourselves through education and giving you a game plan to follow to win. I want you all to win. Let me help you win and you follow up with the work put in to get it.

Randy and I have been working on our house. We have been here 30 years and it’s time for a face lift. Spending as little as possible, yet getting the best quality as we can, we will be putting in a new ceiling, walls, and floors in whole house. We’ll start with this room upstairs which is my office and our bedroom. Even though we will be having to move our things again, I needed a space to workout this winter so I’ve moved in a few weights and my spin bike. Instead of moving in the workout bench, I can use the chest at the end of the bed, it moves easily. I have a lot of space, I just need to move the rocking chair and footstool out of the way, and I even have a mirror to easily move where I need it for workouts. It really helps to see your form, especially for lunges, squats, Bulgarian split squats, side planks, etc. I still have the option of driving to the gym a couple days a week and also go swimming as the pool is heated to 80 degrees Fahrenheit all year. Now I have the option to do my workout at home and get it done early. I love the view from our windows and I love our simple humble house.

I have a long way to go before my core will be as strong as it once was. The incision through the side to put in the new disc between L4 and L5 really did a number. I can't fully do my ab wheel exercise. I can only go down to about 6-8 inches from the floor, my ab muscles are still healing from surgery two months ago. When I saw the surgeon recently he told me they really had to work hard in there. It was a difficult surgery because there was no room to place the disc. They had to put a screw in above L5 and lift it up, put the disc in, then move it into the correct position since it had slipped forward over the years. No wonder my abs are so sore!

I really hope to be able to do this exercise again someday! I'm not giving up hope. Little steps every day right? Doing the work in the dark moments when no one else is looking. No one knows except you. Anyone know that feeling?

Just a few more things to do and Randy and I will start looking for our materials for the ceilings, walls, and floors. I’m very excited that I’m finally in a place physically where I can actually help. I can walk, bend, and even lift a little weight!

Today, it’s Sunday and time to plan for the week even if we are busy with projects that can be stressful if we don’t handle it well. I still have to eat. I’m keeping it simple. I have my protein ice cream and I keep simple foods in the fridge that can easily be made into custom soup, sandwiches, stir fry, or many things that can be whipped up in minutes.


  • Due every week.

  • In order for them to be effective to both of us, please track EVERYTHING: Food Supplements, Workouts, Water, New Picture, & New Weigh-In.

  • Please send me an additional chat message telling me anything you wish and at least one positive thing about your assessment! 😎


  • Every morning Monday - Friday at 9am Central Time

  • *THE TIME CHANGED TODAY FOR MANY OF US* How many of us feel that this really isn’t necessary?! But who asked us? Well, let's just roll up our sleeves and deal anyway, shall we?

Sunday Checklist ✔️

  • Meal Prep🍽

  • Plan The Week out 📝

  • Recharge yourself (whether that be reading a book, going for a walk, calling a loved one, anything to to refresh the mind) - FILL YOUR CUP ☕️

  • Gratitude 🙏🏼

Let's make this week an awesome one! 🔥

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